Redefine your subscription based requests with the support of this Magento Auto Subscribe Extension

Customers as well as the store owners are often at the receiving end if the subscription forms are not user friendly and simple. It not only makes customers reserved for sharing his/her personal details but also prevents effective utilization of the email marketing strategies by numerous e- commerce organizations. This can have an adverse effect on your customer engagement efforts and can cause a major setback to the establishment of healthy company- customer relationship. But, thank God, all this can be avoided by taking the expertise of this Magento Auto Subscribe Extension for your e- commerce store. Here are some of the features of the Magento auto subscribe extension for subscription that will pay you rich dividends in terms of conversion rates and increased site traffic.

Provides customization facility regarding email templates

Personalized emails play a crucial role in spreading your message among your customers in the best possible way. With the help of this Magento auto subscribe extension, site admin can insert desired content like logo, image, text, color and other such element so as to make their emails more vibrant and for conveying a stronger message about their business organization.

Supports easy access to the contact information of your customers

With the help of this Magento auto subscribe extension, it is now easier to synchronize the Magento newsletter list with the constant contact list of your email reporting system. By providing top notch information about your email responses, this Magento auto subscribe extension can greatly improve the email marketing efforts of your e- commerce organization.

Provides option of creating customized subscriber form for your customers

The Magento auto subscribe extension provides additional functionality to store owners for creating their own customized subscriber form for their business organization for getting increased subscription. You can choose the desired color, text, description and layout for your email subscription form so as to encourage your customers for subscribing on your e- commerce site.

Now, everything is much simplified and easier with this Magento auto subscribe extension and customers on your site will not be frustrated with those unwanted subscription forms. Further, Magento auto subscribe extension will improve your promotional email marketing efforts and will consolidate your market gains and product sales. So, don’t take chances any more and purchase this Magento auto subscribe extension from our e- commerce site, for getting increased customer attention towards subscription related requests.

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