Boost the blogging environment on your E- commerce site with the help of Magento Blog Extension

Interaction with your customers is an effective way to achieve their goodwill and faith about your business organization for the long term growth prospects. You need to provide informative blogs and other such material to your targeted customers so as to keep them engaged to your business organization. Although, there are various e- commerce modules for Magento store that allows user to share, publish and read the blogs related to the topics of their interest but due to the simplicity and easy user interface, this Magento Blog module has easily surged ahead from its other counterparts. By keeping your customers engaged to your e- commerce site, you can easily boost your chances of product sales and conversion rates. Let us discuss some of the important features of this Magento module that has made it way ahead from numerous other such modules.

Provides an easy and effective blogging environment for Magento based stores

With the help of this extension, e- commerce store running on Magento platform can easily build an effective environment for promoting blogging on their site. They can encourage their customers for interaction with their organization by providing guest commenting facility to the various site visitors. Further, e- commerce organizations can easily add, change or remove any blogs from their site so as to improve the user engagement on their website.

Provide facility to approve or disapprove comment

In order to avoid the misuse of the commenting facility on your blogging system, this Magento module provides store admin facility to approve or disapprove customer’s comments if they feel that customers have violated the guidelines for commenting. Due to this feature, all comments are moderated by the site admin which allows them freedom to display only relevant comments about their blogs. It is one of the most important feature that gives this Magento module an edge over other available modules.

This extension is definitely a great help to numerous e- commerce organizations as it allows them quick and easy access to the various elements of the blogging system. With the help of a single click, site admins can easily navigate through WordPress dashboard, posts and links for the effective management of the blogging system.

Provides facility to install WordPress platform on your e- commerce site

Now, customers using this Magento extension can easily install WordPress platform on their e- commerce site with the help of this extension. Due to this, you can enjoy the twin benefits of using a different e- commerce platform like WordPress on your Magento e- commerce store.

Offers easy customization facility to decide blog page layouts

This extension provides facility to store admin to decide the layout of their blog page on their e- commerce blogging system. You can choose the best layout from the available layout designs for your blog pages so as to increase its readability and visual appeal.

Offer your customers something extra apart from your advertised products by providing them information about their topics of interest. It will make your customers spend more time on your site and will make them more loyal to your e- commerce store. So, just surf our e- commerce site, and add this free module to your site for improving your site traffic and conversion rates.

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