A Magento Order Lookup Extension for a Quick Accessing of Order Details

A Magento Order Lookup Extension for a quick accessing of order details | Knowband

Customers are often having a hard time while accessing their order details due to various complexities involved in the entire process. They have to provide multiple information before they can finally get an access to their order details. This is definitely the most annoying moment for any customer and can affect the business chances of an eCommerce site in the long run. Order details are one of the crucial aspect of an online purchase and it is an important parameter that can affect the customer engagement on your site.

This has been a long standing concern for numerous online business owners and they are looking for an effective solution for their customers. With continuous efforts and years of expertise in the eCommerce Module development services, Knowband has come up with this amazing Magento Mobile Order Lookup extension that has bring a major change in the area of accessing customer order details. It has removed the various barriers that were earlier involved in providing a quick access to customer order details. Let us take a plunge into the wonderful features and functionalities of this Magento Extensions by taking a quick look below:

Ensures quick access to customer order details

Unlike the previous requirement of logging into your site account for accessing your order details, this Knowband extension is definitely much way ahead from its rival modules. This is because customers just have to use their email address and order ID for getting complete information about their order due to this feature loaded Magento Order Lookup extension. There is no need of customer login and everything can be accessed in a much seamless manner.

Provides a clear idea about the number of visiting customers regarding the order status

Now, with the help of this Magento Mobile Order Lookup extension, it is now much easier to get a fair idea about the number of customers that are visiting your Magento site to access their order details. Once, you have the required information about the order detail seeking customers, you can target them in a much better way for future business engagement.

Compatible with various devices

This Magento extension is built on a mobile responsive layout that makes it perfect for various devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets and much more. It means that there is no conflict of performance and functionality of this Magento Order Lookup extension irrespective of the screen size used by the customers. It offers same level of user experience on multiple devices without any hitch.

Supports a user friendly admin panel

Magento site owners can now perform various changes and customizations on their site due to the presence of this user friendly and interactive admin panel. It makes implementation of changes much simpler than before and does not require any technical knowledge by store admin at all. The admin panel consists of various interactive features and options that makes the entire customization process a seamless task.

Can be installed and configured without any trouble

We know that we are not dealing with highly technically skilled customers and thus we have tried to make our Magento Order Lookup extension a mass module. It can be easily installed and configured by any individual with basic technical know how and does not require any specialized knowledge for these tasks. Due to the ease of operations, this Knowband extension has become much favorite among numerous Magento store owners around the world.

So, don’t make things complicated for your customers by making them struggle very hard during the process of accessing order details. This Magento Order Lookup extension has emerged as a supporter to introduce big bang reforms in the online shopping experience by providing an easy way to offer customer order details in a seamless manner. So, visit our Knowband store at www.knowband.com and install this Magento extension for a revamped user experience and for boosting higher conversions on your online store.

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