What information does add- to- cart rates reveal about your E-Commerce Store?


Every online shopper would be familiar with “Add- to- Cart” button which is present on every eCommerce store while making a product purchase. This extraordinary “call- to- action” button is not just a website element but it is definitely much more than that. You might be thinking that we are exaggerated things now but truly you would be quite amazed by the amount of information it could convey to store owners like you. I know you all must be quite eager to break the suspense and mystery around these “Add- to- Cart” button. Here, we present to you some of the crucial information that is conveyed by this simple looking CTA button.

1. Information about product and pricing-

Add- to- Cart button has a direct relationship with the characteristics and product checkout rate on an eCommerce site. If a particular product on your site is not being added effectively into the shopping carts of customers, there could be a plenty of reasons that may be working behind this non- engagement and ignorance about a product. It could be possible that the reasons for this low product addition can be a cluttered and non- engaging website design and navigation, problem in product selection, presentation of the product on your site, pricing or any other such factor. If you are truly serious about improving all these given areas, you can take the assistance of various amazing eCommerce extensions from Knowband store that can prove to be a big relief.

2. Insight about marketing and promotional strategy-

By analyzing the add- to- cart rates on your eCommerce store, you can have a clear understanding about which product promotion strategy is working for you or not. This will help you in measuring the true potential of your marketing strategies be it email marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, PPC campaigns and other such mediums. In this way, you can have a clear insight about how can you target your customers in a better way and where you need to invest your time, money and efforts.

3. The performance of your checkout process-

With a clear difference between the add- to- cart rate on your site and the cart completion rate, you can have a clear view about the importance of a business and its rate of expansion in the near future. There are several customers who eventually come onto your site but often don’t turn up as a potential customer. The reason could be plain simple about the absence of an enthralling checkout process on your process which is making the online shopping a bit complicated task. You need to remove the unnecessary checkout fields and formalities that can improve customer engagement and eCommerce conversion rates for a complete business overhaul.

4. Fulfillment of the promises made to the customers-

Customers are eager to add a particular product on their shopping cart only if it fulfills all its requirement criteria. You need to analyze the browsing behavior and shopping pattern of your clients for providing products according to their interest and choice. If you are viewing higher add- to- cart rates on your site, it means that your targeted customers are happy with your business. Don’t turn away your attention from this crucial aspect as it can have a severe dent in the prestige, sales and eCommerce conversion rates for a better business future. Apart from this, higher add- to- cart rates means less bounce rates and higher customer engagement for improving your business fortunes.

It is not a hidden fact now that add- to- cart rates can make a big difference in the fortunes of your business entity. Don’t keep your eyes closed to that add- to cart button on your eCommerce store as it can make a tremendous impact on the overall conversion rates and product sales. If you want to make the optimum use of call- to- action button on your site, you can take the help of unmatched eCommerce extensions of Knowband store that are simply unique in features, functionalities and price.

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