How to Use Countdown Timers to Increase Sales?

Ever felt like buying a product immediately after seeing the ‘limited time’ offer tag? This happens with everyone, especially when you know that the deal will end soon and you will miss out on the best offer out there. This urgency is created by Countdown Timers.

The countdown timer heats the sense of urgency and scarcity, forcing the users as quickly as possible to make a purchase decision. Simply set the start and end date, and your timer is ready.

Using a countdown timer, you can run flash sales, and limited period sales offering exciting deals and promotions. The sense of urgency created by a countdown timer pushes the user to purchase through psychological tricks. Users who fear that tomorrow they may not be able to afford anything will be more likely to buy it today.

The Psychology behind the Time-Bound Sales



Both limited-quantity products and limited-time products can create a sense of urgency. However, to the scarcity theory, limited-quantity goods and limited-time deals empower sales. Anything will be more alluring the more limited its supply is.

Adding a countdown timer will boost your sales enormously. A limited-time offer means that the units’ discount is only applicable for a short period of time and that if customers do not act right away, there won’t be any more units available for purchase.

1. FOMO Puses Customers to Make a Purchase

Fear of missing out is a social anxiety that creates a feeling of guilt for losing a great opportunity. Do not let your audience go away without purchasing on your website. Use the power of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) by adding a Countdown Timer on your website.

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2. Countdown Timers Create a Sense of Urgency

A countdown timer should accompany any big deal. Why? If the arrangement is there forever, what is the point of acting now? By displaying a countdown timer in front of your clients, you may create a sense of urgency because your clients will understand that the offer will end once the timer expires.

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3. More Convincing for the Discount Seekers

When presented with flat discounts, the discount seekers will give you massive sales. Selling clearance could be a good choice. You will sell out the goods stocked for months as a store owner and bargain seekers can get a decent deal over it. These sales can be the main contributor to your cash flow, which, by replacing the older ones, would make space for the new items.

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Place the Countdown timers in the Right Place


Never go overboard and make sure you’re honest. It has been shown that urgency is effective, but you must use it honestly. Otherwise, placing the timer on every product gives a feeling that you are running out of business. So, where to put the countdown timer on your website?

The best places to place the countdown timers on the online store are:

  1. On the landing Page (for promotions and when sales will end)
  2. On the Product Page (highlighting the quantity scarcity)
  3. At the Checkout page (to reduce cart abandonment)
  4. On other website pages (to create a sense of urgency)
  5. In email marketing (with deals and time left to grab it)

How to implement a Countdown Timer on your eCommerce Website?

You will not need programming experience or certain skills in your website builder to implement our module. The Countdown timer by Knowband to run flash sales is available for various eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart and Magento.


The module is easy to install and configure. Sharing a few of them for your reference;

Countdown Sales Timer – Opencart Extensions

An efficient strategy to encourage large sales in the eCommerce business is to display bargain prices and free shipping on a selection of products. Due to the limited stock and discounted prices displayed by the OpenCart Countdown Sales Timer extension, customers are forced to decide right away.

Flash Sale – Prestashop Addons

The Prestashop Flash Sale Addons can encourage impulse buying and increase the likelihood that an eCommerce site. The PrestaShop plugin will build the state of urgency. The Prestashop plugin encourages customers to take advantage of the offer and place their order as quickly as feasible.

Deal Timer – OpenCart Extensions

The OpenCart Deal Timer Extensions will allow to add products to the specials list by offering discounts for a set amount of time. The admin can decide whether to display a timer or modules on each layout, position, and sort order for the product listing.

Wrap Up:

The majority of the time, urgency and scarcity push customers to make purchases, ensuring that the store’s conversion time is minimised. The KnowBand Countdown Timers were designed to make complete use of the customer’s psychology. It allows eCommerce stores to push sales efficiently by adding extra countdown clocks to exclusive items or deals.

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