How a Limited-Time Offer can boost your Sales?

How a Limited-Time Offer can boost your Sales?

The tag of Limited-Time Offer is triggering and creates urgency.

You would have often seen limited-time offer deals on an eCommerce website. In fact, not only on a website but also outside a showroom in the mall.

What is a Limited-Time Offer?

As the term suggests, a limited-time offer is a kind of offer that involves discounts, deals, rewards, etc. for a limited time. Put simply, shoppers can avail the benefits if they shop within that certain time period.

That is the actual purpose of limited-time deals; to encourage shoppers to purchase, to persuade them to take quick action.

What other marketing campaigns might not be able to do, a limited-time offer deal would.  Shoppers act quickly when the clock is ticking and the reverse countdown is happening.

Let’s understand the tactics behind limited-time-offer and how they benefit the online businesses.

Limited Time Offer as a Sales Strategy

Limited-time deals are offered in different ways such as “Buy 1 Get 1”, “Flat X% OFF on all products”, “Free Shipping”, etc.

These sorts of tags are very enticing from the customer’s point of view and they like to grab the opportunity before it expires so that they do not regret later.

Why do Brands run limited-time offer?

Well, one of the major benefits of running a limited-time deal is it increases sales. Shoppers are bound to visit your store if you offer them a discount.

Secondly, it aims to increase conversions, eventually helping you acquire new customers. When you make your visitors aware of the limited time sale on your website, more and more people would be coming to your website in that particular period.

Your website traffic would be very high as compared to the other days. In that high number of visitors, there will be both new customers as well as existing customers.

Thirdly, reduction in the product price or tag of free shipping provides customers with the feeling that they are going to get the most out of their money. If they miss that deal, they would have to purchase the same product at a higher price later.

How to make the best out of your Limited-Time Offers?

Once you have planned your limited-time offer period, here is how you can make your audience aware of it and encourage them to shop.

1. Set a Countdown Timer


Simply displaying the date when the deal will begin or the period till it will last would not do as much good as when you set a countdown timer for the beginning of the limited-time sale and also run the timer for the expiry.

For the beginning, it is to leave the impression in the visitor’s mind that the deal begins soon. The expiry countdown timer pushes visitors to claim the deal as early as they can.

2. Create a compelling Call-to-Action

Your CTA, i.e. call-to-action holds very high importance in compelling users to act. If the CTA isn’t intriguing, shoppers would not be influenced.

To make them take action, use CTAs that arouse the visitor’s interest. You can find multiple CTAs on the internet based on your niche. Creativity also plays a vital role when designing a CTA.

The more appealing and persuasive it will look, the more clicks you will get.

3. Do not clutter your offer

The offer should be crisp and clear. Do not fill it with too many elements else it can distract the customers from the primary headline.

Highlight the main things in bold with large text size. Use a professional font. Try to mention only those points that reflect the benefit of the offer and why customers should not miss that opportunity.

4. Stick to your words

If the deal says that the offer is going to expire in X number of days or within X hours, it should end as mentioned. If visitors come to your store and see that the deal is still on, they may doubt the credibility.

So, be honest with what you say. Otherwise, from next time onwards, customers would not put their trust in your brand and they would think that the offer is going to extend anyway, whereas if you follow the right approach, they would be alert from the next time to not miss out on your offers.

5. Send Newsletters, Promote on Social Media


There is no point of running a limited-time offer if your audience is not aware of it.

Apart from mentioning the deal on your website, promote it everywhere possible to notify your customers and potential customers.

Drop an email to your subscribers and let them know when the deal is going to begin. If you have social media pages for your brand, post about it on every platform.

You can also take help of social media ads to make this deal reach to a larger audience.

Final Thoughts

Limited-time offer is a smart marketing tactic. It’s just that you should know how to create its impact on your customers and prospects.

Buyers should feel like it’s an opportunity that they cannot afford to miss.

I hope that the tips and information that I shared with you were helpful to you. What’s your strategy behind the limited-time offer deal?

Manish Barthwal

Manish Barthwal

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