How to Turn Your Abandoned Carts into Orders?


Cart Abandonment is one of the biggest nightmares of the eCommerce business. Not only it decreases sales drastically but it also affects the overall revenue by a huge margin. Yet, more than half of the total customers add a product to their cart and do not proceed further. Still, as an eCommerce store vendor if you are playing your cards correctly.

You can win your customers back with the right follow-up strategies. But before starting the discussion on winning back the customers. it is important to find out the customer segment that is abandoning more carts. Likewise, there could be a lot of reasons for the abandoned carts.

Furthermore, we have tried to cover up some of the common reasons that caused cart abandoned nets and also how to convert abandoned carts into orders.

Enhance Your Website Experience:

Enhance Your Welcome Page

A sticky website experience is one of the major reasons for cart abandonment. Not only the website front end should be informative and easy to use. But also, you should keep other important aspects such as the checkout process and all while designing your online shop.

For example, the stepwise checkout process also indicates the customer to the cart abandonment. Thus, while designing your checkout process, instead of designing various steps. You can keep all the required fields on the same page. You can also check out the top seller PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout plugin for more information.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

Abandoned Cart Reminders:

Sometimes the other possibility of an abandoned cart is that the customer might have gotten into some other tasks. Or any other specific reason that caused cart abandonment. Also, there are other possibilities such as he might get into some technical difficulties.

Thus, in the following scenario, sharing a compelling abandoned cart follow-up reminder is all it takes to win back the customers. You can also offer enchanting offers to engage your customers and encourage them to complete the orders.

Likewise, Knowband PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Reminder Addon is a truly automated solution we have designed for PrestaShop sellers. Not only the PrestaShop store admins can set the automated cart reminder emails using the addon. But also, can keep the track of the client response rate.

Enhance Your Welcome Page

As a well-said quote indicates that the first impression is the last impression. The same thing applies when a customer visits a website. Whenever a customer enters an eCommerce website URL. The components that appear on the front page provide a quick idea about what is he going to find on the rest of the pages.


Taking advantage of the same, as a PrestaShop or OpenCart seller, you can add a gamified welcome pop-up on your online website. Moreover, along with the pop-up display, you can also show various other lucrative coupon codes. For getting a better idea, feel free to check out the Knowband Spin & Win Entry-Exit Pop-Up Module.

Available for

Magento 2, PrestaShop, and OpenCart eCommerce platform. 

Add Multiple Payment Methods


Lack of payment methods is one of the major reasons for cart abandonment for an eCommerce website. Thus, for the same reason, it is always good to be at a safe end by providing a variety of payment methods to customers.

Instance, you can add an option for PayPal, Cash on Delivery, Razor Pay, Cards payments, and many more. Also, not only having various payment options important but also you should always present all the methods in a mannered way.

Likewise, rather than adding the same into separate sections, you can add all the methods in a single slot. Check out the PrestaShop One Page Super Checkout Plugin for better ideas about Payment Page design. 

Be Transparent with the Shipping and Delivery Process

Be Transparent with the Shipping and Delivery Process:

The other that stops visitors to complete orders from an eCommerce shop is the lengthy delivery process. Furthermore, sometimes the customer completes all the required steps but stops at the checkout page because of the shipping cost. Also, the reason seems a valid one because, why should one want to pay an extra 30 USD even if the order is coming from the nearest business hub?

Thus, to overcome the abandoned carts scenario, we have introduced the Knowband Shipping Cost by Zip Code Addon for the PrestaShop retailers. Using the Shipping Cost by Zip Code module, the customers can calculate the shipping cost by entering their zip code while completing the orders.

In the End

In the above points, we have mentioned some of the major reasons that stop customers from completing orders on an online website. Moreover, in case of any other queries regarding eCommerce plugins or website modifications, feel free to find us at

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