Best Guide for the Tips of Opencart SEO to Rank Your Website at Rank #1

Best Guide for the Tips of Opencart SEO to Rank Your Website at Rank

Search engine optimization or SEO is simply the process of making changes to your website to make it more visible. When users search for goods or services associated with your company on search engines then SEO decides the visibility of your brand. Your chances of gaining attention and luring both current and potential customers to your business increase with the visibility your pages have in search results.

Opencart SEO

It is imperative to understand the fundamentals of OpenCart before getting started with SEO for it. Opencart is a PHP-based software system designed for e-commerce websites. It has a comparatively easy method for creating and setting up an online store. Moreover, it is especially helpful for those who are not familiar with coding.

But for purposes of optimization, Opencart SEO functionalizes the site’s Opencart system. As a result, it is possible to improve an e-commerce site’s SEO ranking and position it at the top of search results. This all is possible while enhancing site efficiency. Additionally, the control panel management is possible using Opencart SEO which many modern eCommerce websites use.

There are many uses for SEO, making it crucial for any company with an online store. In particular, creating an OpenCart SEO plan and optimizing your pages for the search can support growing organic traffic to your website. Products, categories, manufacturers, and information pages can all have SEO-friendly URLs with OpenCart. You can utilize specific SEO keywords for specific items, categories, and more with OpenCart, and it’s simple to install SEO for this platform. 

Important Elements in Opencart SEO

Important Elements in Opencart SEO

Site Speed

Site speed is an additional crucial aspect taken into account when working with Opencart for SEO. Slow-loading websites are generally avoided by most internet users. Your e-commerce store’s reputation score will have a negative impact due to slow speed.

Site speed is one of the most critical SEO components. Websites that take a long time to load are less satisfying for users. A further factor that lowers conversions is the pages’ slow loading times.

HTTPS and SSL Certificates

HTTPS and SSL Certificates

Look at the URL box in any browser to see the simplest way to illustrate what SSL is. A small lock will be visible next to the site link if the website you are visiting has SSL certificates installed. This demonstrates that it is safe to use the website you are visiting. Different hosts provide different methods of installation. Moreover, Opencart allows its users to use HTTPS for an extra layer of security. Furthermore, to do so it’s important to have SSL certificates installed.

301 Redirection

There is an extension of our SEO Optimizer which helps with the 301 redirections of websites. The extension’s primary function is to intercept and reroute requests for pages that don’t exist on your store. Old and new URL registration takes place whenever any product, category, or other page goes through the process of change. This system lets the customers navigate to the new URLs where the update of the respective pages is present.

OpenCart SEO Redirect Extensions

OpenCart SEO Redirect Extensions

Our company provides an extension using which various aspects of SEO optimization are possible. The SEO redirect plugin is useful for the redirection of 301/302/303 redirections which is useful to maintain a structured website. The non-HTTPS link redirection is possible to the HTTPS link for better security aspects. With the help of this SEO Optimization extension of Opencart, the non-SEO URL redirection to the SEO URL is possible. Using the features of our SEO redirect module the writing of duplicate URLs again is possible. Our Opencart URL cleaner module has multistore compatibility. The 301/302 redirection of the 404 links is possible with the help of our plugin. Our Opencart SEO redirect module is useful for the 404 redirects from the store backend. It is evident that with the use of our modules many businesses were able to improve their ranking.

Robot.txt File

Search engines like Google use text files called robots.txt to assist them to understand the indexing of various contents on websites. A store’s ability to succeed depends on a file called Robots.txt.

To instruct search engines which pages to index and which to skip, a robots.txt file should be present in the root directory of your website. To aid search engines in indexing their website content, webmasters utilize robots.txt files. With this file, webmasters can instruct search engines to skip over pages that are not important when indexing websites. By doing this, they have a better chance of having significant pages highlighted on search engine result pages. Additionally, using a robots.txt file is a quick and straightforward way to deliver more relevant search results.


In this article, we have been discussing the SEO of Opencart and what are the elements of SEO. OUR Opencart URL cleaner extension is very helpful as it helps in the management of multiple aspects of SEO. In case you need any assistance with this module then kindly connect with us at We also assist with custom developments depending on the business needs of our customers. Moreover, we can add or remove any functionality in the module as per the demand. Kindly let us know if you need assistance with the issues or concerns of our module.

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