Some key things to consider while considering the transition towards an E-Commerce Platform


The growing expectations and the cut throat competition in the online business environment has pushed the bar to a much greater level for various eCommerce businesses. In order to match up to these expectations, it is important to make transition towards a more effective eCommerce platform that can fulfill your all business aspirations. As, it is said “Look before you leap”, similarly before ensuring the movement towards any eCommerce platform, it is important to consider all the pros and cons for avoiding the major implications later on. Take a look at the various scenarios that can make a crucial impact in this direction.

1. Customer experience offered by your site

In order to keep your customers hooked to your site, it is important to provide an unmatched user experience. To achieve the same, you need to improve website navigation, website loading time, search facilities, landing page and other such components for grabbing the instant customer attention and product sales. Analyze if the eCommerce platform which you are thinking for making the transition fulfills all the above mentioned criteria in the best possible manner.

2. Support for mobile devices-

Mobile devices are increasing day by day and so are their role in the eCommerce business. More number of people are now doing online shopping through various mobile devices like smart phones and tablets which explains their importance in the online business environment. There should not be any considerable difference in the user experience of your customers that are surfing the site on desktop or laptops and the one that are surfing the site on various mobile devices. For accomplishing this crucial task, the eCommerce platform selected by you should be capable to support all the mobile based devices effectively in order to boost your product sales, site traffic, conversion rates and customer engagement.

3. Scope for added functionality due to changing market conditions and business scenario-

Your eCommerce platform needs to be flexible enough for including new functionality and plugins for improving the productivity and usability of your online store. There are various important eCommerce plugins from Knowband and other plugin development company for making the various crucial website tasks much faster and in a seamless manner. Further, it may arise that store owners may need to add Magento extensions, PrestaShop modules, OpenCart extensions or any other platform based plugins for improving the overall functionality of their website which will be possible only if the eCommerce platform on which the site is built can accommodate new plugins and functionality without any hiccups.

4. Can contribute towards your eCommerce performance indicators-

Every online store is doing business with the aim of achieving any of these eCommerce key performance indicators like conversion rates, site traffic, increased clicks, more number of online registrations and other such metrics. Your chosen platform should have added functionality and features that can effortlessly contribute towards achieving these key performance indicators.

5. Cost of installing and maintaining that platform-

There are various business entities that are having a weak financial condition and can’t afford to spend a large amount of money in installing and maintaining an eCommerce platform for long term business growth and expansion. Before selecting a new platform, make sure that it is not burning a major hole into your pocket for installation, maintenance and configuration purposes in order to minimize the operating cost of your business.

6. Effective time of installation and functioning of the platform-

Always choose an eCommerce platform that require minimum amount of time for its installation for ensuring a faster and seamless functioning of your online store. If your selected eCommerce platform is taking several months for ramping up its infrastructure, your business is sure to suffer in a big way.

Once, you have have gone through all these checkpoints carefully, there are less chances of making any mistakes while selecting the appropriate eCommerce platform for your online business entity. It will further save your time, money and business opportunities from getting being wasted.

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