OpenCart 2.2 is Finally Here!!! Are you E-Commerce Store Owners Listening?

OpenCart 2.2 is finally here!!! Are you E-Commerce Store owners listening? | knowband

OpenCart store owners has got a reason to cheer up as this OpenCart 2.2 platform is finally released. After several months of trials by developers in Alpha and Beta stages, this much awaited eCommerce platform is now available. You might all be excited about how it is a major breakthrough news and how this recent upgrade is different from the previous OpenCart versions. To unlock the mystery around this eCommerce platform, let us explore some of the amazing features and functionalities that has been incorporated in this new OpenCart upgrade.

  • – Presence of a multi- language installer.
  •  Significant changes and improvements in the events system.
  • Consists of composer based libraries.
  • Improvements in template rendering for avoiding code repetition.
  • Integration with latest version of OpenBay Pro with enhanced support for Amazon fulfillment.
  • Inclusion of 3 brand new payment gateways like LAY-BUY, Cardinity and eWAY.

Among them, some of the features that are seen as a game changer for this OpenCart upgrade are described below. These features can truly act as a guiding light for your OpenCart store to make a strong mark among your rivals.

1. Presence of Composer libraries

The OpenCart development team has introduced the two versions for this latest OpenCart 2.2 extension which are namely- “compiled” and “non- compiled” code. The compiled version of this upgrade consists of all the external libraries that are managed by Composer and are required for the functioning of OpenCart Modules. This Compiled OpenCart version is available for store owners on OpenCart download page. Whereas, the non- compiled version can be downloaded from Github. The Compiled version consists of an additional “vendor” folder in the downloaded package. While uploading the normal “upload” folder into web root, user also need to upload the vendor folder to the folder which is outside the web root.

2. A complete revamped Events System

With this new OpenCart upgrade, Events system is now tightly integrated with engine loader that automatically triggers the Events. This automation feature can be used for Controller, Model, View, Language and Config during “after” and “before” of code execution.

All MVC files that come under OpenCart eCommerce platform along with third party extensions are now automatically included in this new revamped Events System. Due to this recent upgrade, the Events trigger scheme is completely changed. Now, you don’t have to manually add the code “pre.admin.product.add” as the code “admin/model/catalog/product/addProduct/before” is automatically added. Although, all MVC files are automatically covered by the new Events but certain Events can be triggered inside the code. For more information in this regard, you can check out this helpful link.

3. Availability of exciting new theme settings

This new OpenCart 2.2 extension comes up with appealing new theme setting which is available at Extensions > Themes. The theme size which was previously changed under store setting can now be changed at theme setting for individual store. It has facilitated making changes in theme settings much easier than before. However, due to the recent launch of this upgrade, it may not be much compatible with third party extensions.

Start exploring this feature packed OpenCart 2.2 extension by making a quick upgrade of your existing OpenCart eCommerce platform. If you are still not enthusiast about it, you will definitely commit one of the biggest blunders that could hurt your business fortunes to a great extent. Don’t take chances with your business growth and be the ultimate champion in your particular business segment by upgrading your OpenCart store to this latest version.

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