PrestaShop Store Design Essentials For Non Designers


In the past decade, there have been witnesses a shift of online retailers from conventional methods to eCommerce domains. Out of those, having its eCommerce website has been & will continue to be a prominent method. But, designing an online website can be a bit complicated for nontechnical e-merchants. Other than that, a well designed and featured store increase user engagement and bring sales.

PrestaShop, one of the popular eCommerce platforms, makes it easy for e-store owners to not only have their functional website showcasing brand but also an eCommerce app. If you wish to design your PrestaShop store but you aren’t an eCommerce web designer, then this article is for you. This write-up aims to make the non-designers aware of some of the essential features that must be considered while designing a PrestaShop website. Take a look at them:

#1. PrestaShop Theme Design:

Although you can choose any pre-designed theme for your PrestaShop site, be sure to go for a responsive one. Also, you may need to make any theme changes in the future. Hence, the theme should be compatible enough to handle any edits that could be needed in the future.

#2. Infinite Scrolling:

Aid your visitors from manually scrolling by adding ‘infinite scrolling’ on your PrestaShop website. Having this feature on your e-store makes it easy for your e-shoppers to navigate without the complexity of pagination. It improves the user experience of the store. Check out the pre-developed Infinite Scroll plugin.

#3. Labels & Batches:

Add labels & batches on products while designing your PrestaShop website. For instance, ‘Best Seller’, ‘Special Offer’ etc. These not only highlight products but also encourage visitors to purchase them.

Make the navigation easier for users by adding a search bar, preferably on the sticky navigation menu, that allows them to search for any product in your e-store.

#5. Sorting & Filtering:

Add options for sorting & filtering that are relevant for your products under each category. For instance, the apparels category could have filters of ‘new arrivals’, ‘size’, ‘color’, ‘fit’, etc. whereas the grocery category could have filters like ‘organic’, ‘vegan’, etc.

#6. Social Login & Sharing Channel:

Make the user onboarding simpler by adding social sign-up & login options. Also, have social sharing links on product pages & other pages on your site.

#7. Checkouts & Payments:

Most eCommerce websites have one-page checkout with multiple entries at a single screen. This makes the checkout and order submission quick. Make your checkout process as seamless as it could.

Add all preferred payment options keeping in consideration your audiences. Keep payment gateways secure & procedure simple for better user experience.

#8. Design For Better Retention & Loyalty:

To have your pre-existing customers returning to your site for shopping is an achievement. It means that your customers were satisfied with their initial purchase & are willing to spend more. This collectively improves user retention & loyalty. So, a well sought out design must be chosen on mostly all the elements of your site design.

#9. Design CTAs:

Add relevant CTA sources like buttons, banners, etc. CTAs can also be in the form of an opt-in popup for enrollment into a lottery, any offer or even newsletter subscription, etc.

Also, pay focus on their placement as you can showcase the upcoming sale banners, vouchers, coupons, referral programs, & loyalty programs, etc. Having a great design & strategy for your Call-To-Action sources can help your customers get better deals & it also helps the e-store owners in bagging more profits.

#10. Responsive Design:

Last but not least. Whatever new elements you plan to design & add on your PrestaShop store, make sure they function on the mobile devices’ browsers too. For that, you must have a responsive design. This approach ensures improved user experience on all devices.

Wrap Up

PrestaShop is comparatively an easy-to-use eCommerce Solution even for non-designers. Being an open-source platform, it allows unlimited modifications. Such PrestaShop Store Design can not only make your website design stand out but also help to improve user experience, add more functionality which can then boost your sales & revenue. Drop us a message at or visit KnowBand for all sorts of designing and customization needs.


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