Reasons that Cause Cart Abandonment for an eCommerce Store!!

Cart Abandonment: Causes and Strategies to Reduce Abandonment Cart

If you are in the eCommerce business community, you probably heard about the term cart abandonment. Cart abandonment is one of the biggest nightmares for an online shop. Not only the cart abandonment cause drastic lows in sales but also, increases the website bounce rates for a business.
Several reasons stand behind cart abandonment. For example, mostly the customer engagement rate with a website depends on the overall website experience.

In the same, factors like welcome page design, usability, and checkout process play an important role in keeping the customers engaged. Thus, in the following article, we are going to cover some of the major aspects that cause cart abandonment. But before giving the reasons a go, it is important to know about cart abandonment.

What is Cart Abandonment?

What is Cart Abandonment

Consider a customer who visits your website, likes a product, added the same into the cart and this is all. He did not complete the orders and left the cart as it is. This is called cart abandonment. In the technical term, a process when a customer leaves the order incomplete after adding something to the cart is called cart abandonment.
Moreover, more than half of card abandonments happen because of a sticky website experience. However, there can be other reasons too. We have narrowed down some of the causes of cart abandonment. By working on the same, you can not only enhance your eCommerce website but also can reduce the cart abandonment rate for your business.

What Causes Cart Abandonment?

What Causes Cart Abandonment

1. Lengthy Checkout Process:

One of the biggest reasons behind the abandoned carts is the confusing checkout process. Although, getting order confirmations requires various steps such as address verification, coupon code page, payment page, etc., somewhere between customers feel a bit foggy and lose their interest in the order.
Thus, for the following aspect, you can try to put all the required order details such as shipping address, payment options, coupon codes, and cart page on a single page. This is not only going to help you to keep your customers engaged. But also, will improve the look and feel of your PrestaShop eCommerce website’s checkout page.
Moreover, if you are an OpenCart or PrestaShop-based online seller, you can give Knowband’s supercheckout module a go. 

2. Shipping Costs:

Shipping cost is the other reason that enables the cart abandonment buzz in the customers. The reason behind the same is that the customer considers the shipping costs as an additional charge. Which distracts him from completing the order.
Thus, charging high shipping costs can also lead your PrestaShop customers to cart abandonment. Moreover, if you want to handle the shipping costs in a more advanced way, you can check out Knowband Shipping cost by zip code addon. Using the same, as an online store admin, you can add criteria for managing the shipping cost based on zip codes entered by the customers.

3. Return and Refund Policy:

While completing an order the first thing that customer notices is the return and refund policy a brand is offering. Thus, it makes it more important for a business to have a sound return policy for the products. To get the customer’s trust.

knowband-return-managerHowever, the chances of product return are as low as zero. Yet, it is always considered a good idea to provide your customers with a relevant security policy.
Moreover, if you want to manage order returns professionally, you can take advantage of Knowband PrestaShop Return Manager.

4. Steady Website and Application Speed:

Modern users visit any website with a very short attention span. Not only do they prefer fast-loading Websites and Android and iOS Mobile Apps. But also, tries to complete their orders as fast as they can. Thus, the same reason is increasing the need of having faster websites and Mobile Apps for your eCommerce businesses.

Although the website and app loading speed mostly depend on the hosting provider. Yet, technologies behind website and Android and iOS Development still matters a lot.
Thus, if you want to have your Flutter-Based Android and iOS Mobile Apps for your eCommerce store. You can check out Knowband Mobile App Builder for more information.

In the End,

In the following article, we have tried to cover some of the basic reasons that become cause cart abandonment. Moreover, this is not all. Sometimes cart abandonment happens because of various miscellaneous reasons such as poor network connection, technical difficulties, etc. In the end, as an eCommerce store owner covering up the mentioned aspects can lead your business to remarkable growth by adding a drastic down in the cart abandonment rate.

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