What Is Mobile SEO And How Is It Different from Desktop SEO?

What Is Mobile SEO And How Is It Different from Desktop SEO?

The technique of optimizing a website for search engines coming from mobile devices is mobile SEO. A website can rank for mobile searches using the type of search engine optimization strategy, which also increases your website’s organic search traffic.

To make your information accessible to all users of mobile devices and improve the efficacy of your website, mobile search engine optimization is crucial. Mobile SEO has an impact on user geolocation, device screen sizes, and operating systems. Recognize these distinctions to increase your chances of ranking higher and expand your business across all platforms. So, instead of simply optimizing for desktop search engines, focus on a population of mobile users by using mobile SEO.

Differences between Mobile SEO and Desktop SEO!!

Differences between Mobile SEO and Desktop SEO!!

The major number of purchases are from users who are using a mobile device. Further, due to this, mobile SEO is a very important aspect of business growth. Below are some of the points differentiating mobile SEO and desktop SEO:

Difference in Look

Tablets and smartphones have smaller screens than desktop and laptop monitors. As a result, desktop titles and meta descriptions will not seem the same on mobile devices, and there is a small variation between desktop SEO and mobile SEO when surfing. 

In addition, content created for desktop computers may take longer to look at or read on smartphones. When this occurs, visitors tend to skip that information since they often don’t want to open a title and description with ellipses. They do so as the majority of users aren’t very interested in making the effort to scroll down or read more.


Based On Location

The Global Positioning System (GPS) included in contemporary mobile devices gives search engines more precise position information than desktops or PCs. Mobile search results are significantly more erratic than desktop search results for several reasons, including this one. In contrast, desktop searches will have an impact on the physical location of your mobile phone. It is so when you have a Google account signed into both your desktop and your mobile device.

Operating System

Operating systems on mobile devices have an impact on search results as well. In particular, this is true if Google believes that the query can be app-oriented. In this situation, it is more likely that search engines will provide grids of app icons in the color of an app pack that connects straight to apps on the App Store. Since the majority of programs are inoperable on desktops, app packs are typically not shown in desktop searches. 

Page Results From A Search Engine (SERP)


The design of the search engine result page is what differentiates SEO on the desktop from SEO on mobile (SERP). Google does not have enough room for two columns due to the reduced size of mobile devices compared to desktop displays. It follows that fewer results will show up on the first page, which is especially advantageous for paid listings. Further, anything to the right of a desktop search result will stack above or below organic search results.

CTR (Click Through Rate)

CTR (Click Through Rate)

How effectively you execute SEO on your desktop or mobile devices affects how well the website performs. Keep in mind that the CTR refers to the click-through rate (CTR) for mobile, which declines faster than that for desktop based on the CTR’s effect on SEO. Also, using too many images in the content can both increase traffic and cause the CTR to decrease.

The search results are having greater room and support having many effects at once on the desktop. Additionally, users can also view the most relevant and sponsored ads in desktop mode. This will allow the website to sufficiently mask total traffic.

Augmented Reality

The world is evolving and at the moment, mobile devices are in use for more than half of all searches, and those figures are rising. To give a better user experience now than we did before, technology and search features must adjust to current conditions. Google has found a fresh approach to improving the usefulness of mobile devices. Now, we are referring to augmented reality (AR). AR enables consumers to receive search results based on the items in the camera frame on their mobile devices. This is not possible with Desktops as they will not be as easy to use.

In the End!!

In this article we have been explaining mobile SEO and how is it different from normal SEO. Further, in case of any concerns with our module and issues with our plugins, you can connect with us at support@knowband.com. Moreover, in case of any customizations related to your business or assistance with mobile apps, you can connect with us. We will also assist you if you need any additional features in our module. You can also check our SEO Optimizer and other SEO plugins.

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