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JM Imports is a high-performance and exotic car specialist in the UK, serving from 2002. They stock brand new parts as well as aftermarket parts in a wide range. Anything from air intakes to turbos is available for every brand in the market. They import auto parts from Japan and other countries. You will find everything from simple upgrades to bespoke solutions for your vehicle under one roof. They have created their digital store on the OpenCart platform. The KnowBand’s OpenCart extensions like One Page Checkout, Abandoned cart, Infinite scroll, Facebook Share and Win and PDF invoice are live on the JMImports Parts store.

For a company like JM Imports, customer satisfaction and customer experience are of prime importance. Therefore, they have to use plugins that provided the ultimate shopping experience to their client. Thus, they have been using KnowBand’s OpenCart extensions. Every plugin designed and developed by KnowBand is quality tested and provides an excellent shopping experience to customers.

We have discussed here all the live extensions installed on JM Imports along with their benefits:

Infinite Scrolling of Products for Customer engagement


The product page optimization technique includes not just the look and appearance but also the UX. Product infinite scrolling improves customer experience and engagement rate on the product page.

On JM Imports, products get loaded continuously when the user scrolls down. However, after certain products get a load, a bar with the message ‘Load More’ appears. Admin can decide the product display quantity for this.


  • Effortless product scrolling
  • Higher Customer Engagement
  • Better User Experience

Facebook Share and Win to increase Brand Awareness

Users can share products on various social media platforms from the JM Imports website. This functionality is applicable with Facebook Share and Win. Additionally, it allows customers to win rewards, discount coupons, and incentives after sharing the product on their user profile page.


  • Increases Brand Awareness
  • Improves Customer retention rate
  • Get Potential Customers

Great Checkout Experience with One Page Checkout Pro

OpenCart is an open-source platform with thousands of clients globally. Knowband’s OpenCart extension One Page Checkout- Pro is live on JM Imports auto-parts store.

It has a Three-Column Layout that clearly displays all the fields. The design of the checkout page is elegant. The One Page Checkout is more user-friendly than a Multi-Page Checkout.

Features of KnowBand’s One Page Checkout Pro: Facebook and Google login options, Guest Checkout, multiple shipping methods, several payment gateways including PayPal, Shopping cart display, update product quantity on the checkout page, and additional field with a message.

Check out the Demo Here: OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro


  • Reduces Cart Abandonment
  • Time Saving and effortless
  • Authentic Data for email marketing

Share PDF invoices with Customers


When placing an order on JM Imports, the customer receives a PDF invoice along with the order email. For these features, JM Imports downloaded KnowBand’s Opencart Extension ‘PDF Invoice’. The invoice contains the header logo, store title, header title along payslip.

Admin can add some additional details such as shipping address, order info, and store details in the PDF invoice.


  • Looks professional
  • Fully customizable
  • Easy to track the purchase history

Abandoned Cart Serial emails

Cart abandonment is a threat to eCommerce businesses. To overcome this, store owners send abandoned cart emails which are very effective. JM Imports is using Opencart Abandoned Cart extension for sending serial emails to customers. The auto cron functionality makes it effortless.


  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Less Abandoned Cart
  • Tracking the

Why Choose KnowBand for Your OpenCart Solutions?

KnowBand is working in the eCommerce domain since 2010 and has thousands of international clients. We believe in customer satisfaction and deliver products that uplift your sales on your digital platform. Here are some extra advantages that make KnowBand’s OpenCart Extensions superior to the others:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Multi-lingual compatible
  • Multi-store compatibility
  • SSL Compatible
  • Theme compatible

We have several extensions for your Opencart store and other major eCommerce platforms. Do drop a comment or send us an email to discuss your requirements.

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