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To make the online store more engaging, you need a great checkout page design. Not just the home page needs optimization but the checkout page desires more of it. Online shoppers get pissed with a clumsy design when they have already invested most of their time in finding their favorite product. For OpenCart stores, KnowBand has been developing solutions for a decade. We are presenting some of the best KnowBand’s OpenCart One Page Checkout examples that are live worldwide.

OpenCart One Page Checkout Demo

Why Should you have One Page Checkout?

OpenCart platform leverages several clients worldwide. There are different plugins free or paid that stores use to increase conversions, engagement, design, and other website elements. Many of the stores only focus on home page design, product page design, and shopping cart development and forget to optimize another major part, the checkout page. As a result, they lose conversions on the checkout page leads to shopping cart abandonment.

Hence, it is crucial to add a checkout page that is easy to operate with effortless configuration settings. OpenCart One Page Checkout Extension is solving these problems for many businesses.

Check out these OpenCart One Page Checkout Plugin in Action

If you are here to find out how this exclusive OpenCart One Page Checkout extension works, we won’t make you wait

1.     JM Imports Checkout Page is live


JM Imports is a cart import company in the UK. Their auto-parts selling platform is using KnowBand’s OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension. They have been using a 3-column layout that includes a registration column facilitating Facebook login, Google login, and Guest checkout. It has several payment and shipping methods for customers giving them a quick checkout experience.

2.     Check out the MYW Checkout Page


The sole purpose of MYW is to provide a satisfactory shopping experience to their customer from quotation to shipment. To meet their purpose, they have installed KnowBand’s OpenCart One Page Checkout extension for smooth and easy checkout. MYW are the importers for refrigerating products.

The icon display in the shipping methods and shopping cart product image display makes the checkout page appealing.

3.    Placasur is using OpenCart One Page Checkout


To keep customers engaged, a good checkout practice is removing unnecessary fields. The KnowBand’s OpenCart One Page Checkout Plugin allows users to keep some fields optional that can be skipped by customers. Pleasure has customized its checkout page beautifully. It has limited fields and looks clear and engaging.

4.     Trailer Stuff Checkout page in action


Trailer Stuff delivers products in Ireland. Their shipments require on-time delivery and to make the ordering process smooth, they are using One Page Checkout Extension in their Opencart store. From registration to payment, every field on the checkout page is configured. Moreover, they have also added a save the cart option on the checkout page.

5.     Look at this Yeonhi Checkout Page


Yeonhi’s checkout page is very sleek with a great design. It appears that the checkout process is simple and quick. They have been using KnowBand’s OpenCart One Page checkout plugin with a shipping bar at the top. This indicates the free shipping progress, which means the customer will get free shipping if the progress bar reaches 100%. Follow these tips to reduce shipping cost.

6.     Custom Made Casino Checkout page


Custom Made Casino website is a treat if you like playing Casino. Let’s not dig much into its services, instead, go straight to its checkout page design. They have been using One Page Checkout on their OpenCart website to make the transactions easy-peasy.

When buying chips in the store, the customer will have to provide printable details like the name that you want on the chips, color, printable font colour, etc. Along with other checkout page elements, you will find all these details on the shopping cart section.

7.     DcmGSM Considered One Page Checkout


One-stop for any phone accessories.  DcmGSM is a company that provides a solution for all your phone-related gadgets from USB cables to mobile cases. It is an OpenCart website and to provide a wonderful checkout experience, they are using KnowBand’s OpenCart One Page Checkout.

Free shipping bar to Facebook login and optional fields to the extra comment field, all features are used on the website checkout page. Have a look!

8.     Custom made Golf Events Checkout Page


All golf-related items are available on this website. To make the checkout process simpler and quicker for the golf lover, Custom-made Golf Events is using KnowBand’s OpenCart One Page checkout.

9.     Look at Luce Art Shop Checkout Page


Luce Art is a hub for creative lights. They have been using a single-page checkout for their checkout page. You can see your orders in the shopping cart of the checkout page. It has a free shipping bar, social login, guest checkout, multiple shipping methods, payment gateways, and all the other informative fields clubbed in a single page with a three-column layout.

10. Live One Page Checkout on GH Store


Another live example of Knowband’s One Page Checkout is available on the GH Store website. It is a general store where you can find everything that a household requires in everyday routine. They have streamlined the checkout page design by using KnowBand’s One Page Checkout.Ffree

Checkout page elements that every OpenCart owner should look for

  1. Single Page Checkout
  2. Guest checkout
  3. Social login
  4. Cart display section
  5. Custom payment methods
  6. Add Custom Shipping methods
  7. Customizable layout and design
  8. Security badge options

Finally, to get a better understanding of the checkout page design and layout follow this blog.

For OpenCart or any other eCommerce website-related requirements visit the KnowBand store. Several plugins are available that can help you optimize your store from the landing page to the final transaction.

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