PrestaShop Previous/Next Product View Addon for Quick Navigation

PrestaShop Previous/Next Product View Addon for Quick Navigation

PrestaShop Previous/Next Product View Addon allows users to see the previous and next products without opening the product page. The customers will get easy and quick navigation of the products with this addon.

Jumping tabs and going back to previous tabs for the product page is tedious and unappealing. However, you can achieve a better user experience with PrestaShop Previous/Next Product View Addon. UX experience is the most intricate element between your website and the customer. Good UX will enhance the customer experience on your online store.

The PrestaShop Previous/Next Product View addon navigates the customers easily to the previous and next product.

What Is the Purpose of the Previous/Next Buttons?

Building a PrestaShop website isn’t enough to create a fantastic online business. Thus, being an eCommerce business owner, you should prioritize the shortcomings of PrseatShop default features and also look for solutions to functional concerns. PrestaShop by default does not allow product navigational buttons. For better product navigation, buttons can be added.

1.     Make it easier for your customers to do business with you

Visitors to your online store will be able to navigate and flick through products more easily after installing previous/next buttons. This not only makes your clients’ lives easier but also enhances their engagement and improves your conversion rate.

PrestaShop Previous/Next Product View Addon for Quick Navigation

2. Time-saving feature

Customers can now simply navigate between previous and subsequent products without having to return to the catalog or search result page. Furthermore, buyers will not have to switch back and forth between catalog and product pages as frequently, saving them time and increasing the likelihood of placing an order.

With these two exponential benefits, you clearly get the understand how important this feature is.

How to set up the PrestaShop Previous/Next Product View Addon?

The installation of this module is as simple as the other PrestaShop addons. Few simple steps to follow and you are done.

The next step is the module configuration:

Easily Add Previous Next Button

With the module, you can easily enable/disable the previous and next navigation on the product. It allows the user to switch the product.

Change the Previous Next button Icon

To give it an excellent look, you can choose any one of the icons from the given options. There are several choices for the buttons. You could choose a button of an image as the icon.

PrestaShop Previous/Next Product View Addon for Quick Navigation

Add colours to the buttons

To make it look more attractive, add some colours to the buttons. The border and background colour of buttons can be changed without modifying the code in the Prestashop product scrolling.

Now have a look at the front end of the module

PrestaShop Previous/Next Product View Addon for Quick Navigation

Access to the products becomes easy with PrestaShop Previous/Next product view addon. The customer does open a product to see the dimensions and features. With previous next buttons, multiple products can be seen without going back to the product page.

Check out the module in action on Lovely Gifts and Pieces

Do you want to add a previous/next button for easy product navigation on your store’s product pages? Lovely Gifts and Pieces are using the module on their store for easy navigation of the products.


Use Knowband’s customized extension to save your consumers time and make their buying more convenient. Choose the design and feel of the button based on your preferences to make it simple and appealing to users.

Live Demo

PrestaShop Previous/Next Product Addon for Quick Navigation of the products

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