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On your OpenCart store, give customers a free product that they like as a gift when they shop. With the visually powerful ‘OpenCart Add Free Product to Cart’ extension, you can boost your sales rates and make clients feel fortunate. Receiving gifts gives us joy! It builds a relationship between the receiver and the giver. With OpenCart Gift the Product extension, build that connection with your customers. The plugin allows customers to add a free product to their cart when they meet the rules set by the store owner.

How ‘OpenCart Add Free Product to Cart’ extension does works for customers?

On the front end, a customer can see some selective products that they can add to their cart as a free gift.

Is there a free product for everyone? A person who meets the eligibility criteria gets a free product from the store. This can be $X and as the customer makes the purchase more than that amount, he is free to add a product as free gift.

How it will appear in the Shopping Cart and During Checkout?


What are the ways to set the rules?

Store admin can define the eligibility criteria for OpenCart Gift the Product extension. Set rules to give free products to the customer.


Add a specific number of products from which the customer will choose the free gift.


Set a minimum cart value above which you want to give them a free product. You can set a maximum value and make multiple rules.


Put minimum and maximum amount for the FREE PRODUCT. The free product block will display products in between that range.


Choose How to select products for the free Products- By category name or specific product name


Select a layout to display the free gift product block on the cart page. There are two layout options in OpenCart Gift the Product extension:

  1. Normal listing products
  2. Sliding listing products

Admin benefits of the Free Gift Extension:

The OpenCart Gift the Product extension has several advantages for the store admin

  1. It is multi-store compatible and supports multiple languages. Any user can access and take the advantage of any browser.
  2. Increases average cart value: By giving free gift products at a certain amount, the average order value increases.
  3. This plugin helps to boost customer engagement by offering a free product with their order.
  4. Admin can specify different price rules to offer different free presents based on the amount of money in the cart.
  5. Give a better appearance and feel with the available layout

Customers adore free products!

  • Customers can choose the free gift product of their choice after their cart value reaches the required threshold.
  • They can add more products to their cart to receive a free gift item of their choice.


A gift-with-purchase plugin is an excellent approach for online businesses to increase their visibility, compete in the crowded e-commerce market, and increase sales. Everyone appreciates freebies, especially if they are useful and genuine. Get your OpenCart Gift the Product module!

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