Is the Prestashop Gift Card Manager integral for your store? Know more!

Is the Prestashop Gift Card Manager integral for your store? Know more!

Prestashop gift card manager from Knowband is an essential tool for eCommerce marketers. In actuality, it is a highly helpful plugin for your business. With the Prestashop gift card, you can quickly add a section for gift certificates to your Prestashop store. Additionally, the Prestashop send gift card addon enables you to easily construct as many gift vouchers as you like. Customers may easily find the event for which they need a gift card as a consequence. You should also place an order for the same. Moreover, sales and revenue from your eCommerce firm will increase as a consequence.

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We’ll look at some of the factors in this post to help you comprehend why the Prestashop gift module is essential for your store. Additionally, you may choose whether or not you want to install the addon.

How important is the Prestashop gift card manager by Knowband?

  • The simplicity with which gift cards may be bought and sold

The initial aspect of the Prestashop gift voucher module must be its ease of usage. You might also say that selling vouchers are simple thanks to the Prestashop module. From installing the Prestashop gift card module to enabling customers to buy gift cards, the entire process is easy. Furthermore, the module makes it simple to set the parameters. In fact, make any modifications you believe are required for the growth of your shop. Make as many gift cards as you’d like, place the portion where it will be seen the most, and so on.     Is the Prestashop Gift Card Manager integral for your store? Know more!

  • Partial use of the gift card

Without a doubt, this new enhancement changes the game. Additionally, customers may no longer use all of their gift cards. In actuality, they can use the same card for two different purchases. Additionally, the administrator has control over the voucher’s quantity and duration. It’s easy and simple to track orders.

  • Cron capability

Due to the possibility of mailing the gift card on the day of the event, customers will find it enticing. The Prestashop store manager can schedule the email distribution using Cron.

  • Compatibility with several stores and a variety of languages

The Prestashop gift card manager is multilingual. The administrator has the option of selecting a language for the email and communication layouts. In terms of eCommerce, it closes the communication gap that occurs between nations. The module supports several stores.

  • Order tracking with Gift Cards

If you can’t monitor a module’s performance, what good is it having one? As a consequence, the administrator may evaluate and monitor orders using the Knowband Prestashop gift card. He has access to the backend of the plugin to achieve that.

Now, let us take a look at the options that you can make to be the best options for marketing gift vouchers.

Is the Prestashop Gift Card Manager integral for your store? Know more!

How can we better market the gift cards?

  • Boost the prominence of gift cards

Do your clients have quick access to gift cards from the home page? Do gift cards fall under the navigation tree? Are you familiar with the gift card choices that are accessible to you as a consumer? Make sure to conspicuously display e-cards on your site and spread this data to your visitors via a variety of marketing methods. You should also give the customer a variety of design choices.

You can easily position the gift card choice where you think it will be seen the most by using the Prestashop gift card Addon by Knowband.

  • They are accessible on several devices

Make sure all of your customers are aware of gift cards if you’re just starting to use them. Additionally, they choose regardless of the communication or purchase channel. If you’ve been using this marketing mix for a while, you might want to think about creating channel-specific, one-of-a-kind promos. Making gift cards for certain marketing channels wouldn’t harm. For instance, social media, Google ads, and newsletters.

You may position the Prestashop gift module on your front end to make it more noticeable. Additionally, blog about them, mention them on your social media accounts and do more.

  • Digital cards with a festive theme can be made

Gift cards tend to sell like hotcakes over the holidays. Simply have the appropriate gift cards on hand for the appropriate times. In fact, you might market it as a limited supply of gift cards. Customers like receiving personalized service and providing accessibility to one-of-a-kind deals and promotions. The use of gift cards for promotional events is brilliant. In fact, make yourself noticeable and draw the audience’s attention.

Is the Prestashop Gift Card Manager integral for your store. festive themes of prestashop gift card

  • Partner with other businesses

When and where do customers use your services the most commonly? Think about partnering with a non-competitive business and trading gift cards. Along with being a fantastic method to sell your goods or services, it’s also a successful approach to get new customers to come out and raise interest in your gift cards.

In the End

So, here we are!! The Prestashop gift card manager by Knowband is a stunning way to bring more customers to your store. Moreover, increase the sale and revenues of your store. What do you think? Do you wish to have a gift card section on your website? You can connect with us at with all your questions.


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