Decoding the OpenCart Platform Briefly in eCommerce Scenario

Decoding the OpenCart Platform Briefly in eCommerce Scenario

If there is something that has seen a good response in the recent years in terms of market capitalization and customer engagement, it can’t be none other than the field of eCommerce. People are increasingly making online purchase due to the facility of home product delivery, relief from shopping bag handling and other such benefits. The role of an eCommerce platform can’t be denied for the success or failure of an online store.

Online store owners have the freedom to select any platform but this step should be taken with great care for grabbing required business results. For people who are not having much idea regarding the right eCommerce platform for their online business, I would suggest them to go for OpenCart without any second thought. Before you make the final decision regarding this OpenCart platform, let us understand the field of eCommerce first.


It refers to all those activities of selling and purchasing products, services and softwares in an online world through the use of internet services. E-Commerce means electronic commerce or practice of making trade through electronic mediums. Here, buyer visits a particular site, selects a product for purchase and then finally makes the payment through a third party payment gateway.

As, the mystery around eCommerce has been unfolded, it is time to pay attention back towards this OpenCart platform that has been actively used by numerous site owners around the world. The platform has been widely appreciated and utilized by people involved in the eCommerce field due to various features, OpenCart modules and functionalities offered by it.


This OpenCart platform is an open source eCommerce software that is built on PHP and MySQL. It can be accessed free of cost under the GNU General Public license. It is built on the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture and can offer a wonderful online store with full set of functions to its customers.

E-Commerce store owners just have to install this platform, select their desired template, add products available on their store and they are finally ready for accepting customer orders on behalf of their online store. Some of the excellent features of OpenCart platform are as follows:

  • Open Source, free and easy platform.
  • Offers fully customization facility.
  • Consists of unlimited categories, products and manufacturers
  • Comprises of a vast library of inbuilt templates for better store performance.
  • Supports multiple currencies and languages.
  • Ensures easy checkout option for online shoppers through 40 payment gateways and PCI compliant standards.
  • Provides facility like sales reporting tools, error logging, downloadable products, integrated fraud modules, backup and restore tools, SEO features, product reviews and ratings, discount coupon system and much more.

Advantages of OpenCart platform   

  • It is available for free and can be installed easily due to its open source nature.
  • The platform has an active community of OpenCart developers who are involved in issue resolution.
  • The platform consists of exciting inbuilt OpenCart modules, themes and templates for store performance.
  • Ideal for beginners, small and medium eCommerce stores.
  • The platform is easy to learn and manage.
  • Consists of multiple payment systems, feedback and rating items.

Disadvantages of OpenCart

  • The platform does not provide advanced customization facilities for eCommerce stores.
  • There is a need for OpenCart expert developer for change in coding.
  • Does not provide defense against outer attacks and assaults.

It is now time to pay a little attention towards this OpenCart platform for ensuring optimum performance of your online store. By having a detailed information about this eCommerce platform, it will be much easier to grab the required conversion rates and sales for your online store. So, let us now analyze this OpenCart platform for ensuring a promising website for your online business. Check out how OpenCart 2.0 is better than OpenCart 1.0.

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