Everything You Need to Know About OpenCart Exit Pop up Extension

Everything You Need to Know About OpenCart Exit Pop up Extension

OpenCart Exit Pop up also known as OpenCart Exit Intent Pop up is a powerful extension that helps you draw visitors’ attention when they are about to leave your website.

A pop up appears promptly as soon as it is noticed that the visitor is trying to take an exit. The extension provides you with an opportunity to stop your visitors at the very last moment from leaving your website. It is up to you how you make the best use of the pop up to make visitors stay on your website.

Exit Popup


1. Works as both Entry and Exit Pop up

2. Design Popup | Adjust the look and feel

3. Multiple Popup themes

4. Customize the Popup Display Settings

5. Set up discount coupon value

6. Email Recheck

7. Email Synchronization through MailChimp and Constant Contact

8. Multi-lingual Support


1. OpenCart Exit Intent Pop up offers pre-existing appealing popup themes. You can choose the desired one from the drop-down list.

2. OpenCart Exit Pop up allows admin to modify the popup content according to the goals they want to achieve through that popup. The extension offers three sections to specify the popup content.

OpenCart Exit Pop up

OpenCart Exit Popup comes up with various options to configure the popup display settings.

OpenCart Exit Popup

3. The extension lets you specify the minimum screen size on which the popup will be displayed.

4. You can set the display frequency of the popup which can be: on every visit, one visit per hour, one visit per day, one visit per week or one visit per month.

5. You can set a duration (in seconds) after which the popup disappears automatically. The duration can be 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds or 40 seconds.

6. The exit pop up extension also lets you enable the popup functionality for a certain time period only. For example, if you are running any campaign or providing a limited time offer and want to promote it through the popup, you can set the start and end date of the exit popup accordingly.

7. With OpenCart Exit Popup Email Subscription extension, you can select the pages where you want to display or where you do not want to display the popup.

8. OpenCart Exit-Intent Pop up extension also provides you with the option to display the pop up immediately, after a few seconds, after a visitor has scrolled down to some percentage or when the user is trying to exit.

9. You can also limit the popup display for selected countries. You can either show to visitors coming from worldwide or select the countries where you want to display or hide the popup.

10. OpenCart Exit Pop up extension has the email recheck functionality which, if enabled, would not allow a user to claim the coupon code twice. It simply means that a single email address cannot be used again.

11. You can set the pop-up display interval (in days). The defined period will be the number of days after which the pop up will be displayed to the same user again.

12. You can set the popup functionality to either generate a fixed coupon code or generate a new coupon code every time.

13. The coupon code can be set to provide a flat discount value or a percentage discount. You can also set a threshold cart amount to redeem the coupon code at the checkout.

OpenCart Exit-Intent Popup

14. OpenCart Exit Popup also offers MailChimp and Constant Contact Integrator, enabling which the email address of the visitor would be captured in the respective amount.

15. With OpenCart Exit-intent Popup, the admin can customize the email that would be sent to the user when they submit their email address. You can also test the email to check how it will deliver to the users.

16. The extension also displays the coupon statistics in the form of line graphs. The email address of the user, coupon code and the status of the coupon code is displayed inside the statistics section.

17. The module provides multi-lingual support.

Benefits of OpenCart Exit Pop up Extension

1. Make a last-minute effort to convince users to stay on your website.

2. Increase email subscriptions and grow your email list

3. Encourage users to purchase by providing them with a coupon code and boost your conversions

4. Reduce the bounce rate of your website.

5. Reduce shopping cart abandonment

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