5 Ways to Increase Revenue on Marketplaces

Today, we have come up with 5 wonderful ways that will surely encourage your products to sell on eCommerce marketplace. So, just follow these to maximize online exposure of your brand.

1. Use Product Data Of High Quality

Using accurate and descriptive product descriptions is key to make your brand popular. Try providing complete, keyword-rich product descriptions. Besides, avoid using product descriptions used by the manufacturer as it may cause spamming.

Use product images of high quality so that it provides a clear view to customers. While selling at an eCommerce store, you need to ensure that your products are upgraded with large and real images of better quality. Larger images are known to increase sales up to 9%, therefore image size and quality are two crucial elements that need to be taken special care of. Secondly, try using images designed of your own to make your products stand unique and real in front of your customers.

Last but not the least, try implementing product videos if you really want your visitors to convert. Video marketing, not only allows your products to sell more and more but also improves brand exposure and online reputation.

2. Categorize Products in Marketplace

Product categorization allows your products to get displayed in the right category, thereby making search easy and simple for consumers.

Always pick up those categories and sub-categories which are a perfect match for your products. Remember, if your products are placed in the wrong category, you may end up losing revenue. Placing products in the wrong category fails to expand your product search on Google and other search engines.

3. Include Product Reviews

When looking for a product online, consumer product reviews help.

Product reviews have a major role in engaging customers and promoting trust for your brand. Internet Retailer says that eCommerce conversion rates can go high by 14-76% on adding product reviews. This is one good way to promote and advertise your products, thereby leaving a positive effect on people visiting your eCommerce store.

Product ratings and reviews help users in making informed purchasing decisions and improving the shopping experience of consumers as well.

The advantages of user reviews from an SEO point of view are also quite obvious. Product reviews are a great way to increase visitor traffic. By allowing your customers to write reviews about individual products, you will unknowingly optimize those pages for a whole host of long-tailed keywords. This in turn would help gain online visibility for your products in search results.

4. Customer Service

Customer loyalty matters a lot when it comes to selling on online marketplaces. If customers have a positive experience with your product, they will definitely try exploring more new products and recommendations. Secondly, loyal customers are the key to help expand your business. If customers love your brand, they will speak about it to their friends as well. This will help in driving more customers for your business.

Loyal customers won’t ever hesitate to provide honest feedback about your services. Many eCommerce businesses have started online loyalty programs to allow customers to share and spread their feedback to improve and innovate upon the quality of their products and services.

5. Product Listings

Having accurate and precise listings on all store items is one of the key components to increasing sales on an eCommerce marketplace.


Product listings include complete product information which helps shoppers in making informed buying decisions, thereby leading to increased sales and revenue

Product listings gives your brand a broader reach within your audience

It helps you evaluate product performance based on sold items, number of product views, product clicks, and so on.

In a nutshell, if you want to sell on Amazon, eBay or any other marketplace, following these standardized ways would definitely help. Keeping these points in mind, you will get a fair idea of the do’s and do not’s of selling on the marketplace.

So stay ahead with these smart strategies and you will be on your way to sell on an eCommerce marketplace.

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