How to Use Gift with Purchase campaign in B2C Marketing


Every time a free gift or a product brings out the kid in me. I still feel revived when I get a free product on my purchase.
This must be the case with every customer (most of them). Consider giving a free gift with purchase(GWP). Running such campaigns increases customer engagement rate on online stores.
Free gifts excite every type of customer. Wondering if there is a type? Here is the guide that explains how to attract every one of them. And offering free gift works for most of the types.

What is Free Gift with Purchase campaign?

The free gift with purchase is not a new trick. Brands have been using this for years. The sellers allow customers to add a free product to their cart when they fulfill the eligibility criteria.

An example can explain this better! Suppose, you buy a product that costs you $X and you get the chance to add a free product that costs $Y.

It is a method that can boost the engagement rate and conversion. It also increases the average cart value.

Brands like ‘Victoria Secret’ take advantage of this Gift with Purchase campaign. They offer free products as gifts to their customer if they shop above a fixed amount.

Let us now look at the advantages it offers.

How Gift-with-Purchase campaign benefits your business?

Why you should Offer a Free Gift with Purchase? Gift-the-product or Gift-with-purchase campaigns have been benefiting the companies for years. You just have to turn around and you will find many brands running on this very same idea.


1.     It improves customer engagement!

A gift with purchase is unquestionably an important component of a great customer engagement system for establishing great client connections.

When a customer gets a chance to see the free products, they try to explore them. Eventually, spends more time on the website.

2.     Up-sells

Up-selling is a crazy method that motivates customers to buy expensive products spending extra on comparatively better products and getting a free gift is always a win.

3.     Say goodbye to low-ticket and slow-moving items

If you have stuff decked up in your warehouse for a long time, you can easily get rid of it. Add them to your free product list and give them as free gifts.

4.     Increases Average Cart Value

Another exponential benefit of a free gift with purchase campaign!  To get a free product, customers do not hesitate in spending a few extra bucks. It increases the average cart value.

5.     Encourages customers to shop again

Free gifts are usually complementary products. A customer who received it with their purchase may want to buy it again.

6.     Gain customer loyalty

When you give something to your customers, you want them to have the best possible experience in your store. Hence, they respond as loyal customers.

Spice up the campaign by creating urgency

FOMO has become a real thing when we talk about marketing. Run this free gift with purchase campaigns for a limited period. Customers feel that they may lose on something great if they don’t take the action now.

Add a Count-down timer

A timer with a free product campaign will definitely add some FOMO to it. Refer to this count-down timer guide where we have covered all possible ways you can use it.

Run Limited period offer

You can promote this free gift-with-purchase campaign for a limited time. Mention ‘Offer valid till…..’ when sharing emails or promoting them on social media. How to offer discounts for a limited time?

Reward with Loyalty Points

Marketing campaigns always have a place for loyalty programs. The customers get a chance to redeem their points on their next purchases. More retention, more sales!

Plan out upcoming eCommerce events for the second half of the year. Looking for an eCommerce marketing calendar for 2021?

How to include a Free Gift with Purchase on your eCommerce store

There are several ways you can do this. Use super handy addons available online to run this gift the product campaign.

If you are a PrestaShop user or an OpenCart store manager, you might like Gift the Product addons developed by KnowBand.

The Gift the Product plugin allows customers to add the products of their choice to their cart. Admin can set eligibility criteria based on the amount, categories, also offer this on specific products. It has an appealing front-end view that looks great on your website.

Check out the live demo of the module now:

PrestaShop Free Gift the Product Addon

OpenCart Gift the Product Extension 


‘Add free products to cart’ campaigns will bring you more loyal customers. With that, repeat purchases, more conversions, up-selling are the other advantages. Give it a try and see how it works on your online store.

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