What are the benefits of Magento’s ajax based cart extension for your eCommerce website?

What are the benefits of Magento’s ajax based cart extension for your eCommerce website | KnowBand

Magento has proven itself as an effective platform in the eCommerce arena. It has been the driving force behind various eCommerce websites that are standing firm and delivering. Keeping up with the various technological advancement in the market, it keeps on updating its platform by introducing various conversion effective extensions timely. The latest in this series is the ajax cart extension. The new Magento extension has already started creating a buzz about its efficiency and conversion driving abilities. Before you go on to install this update, let us discuss the various benefits that you can expect after installation.

Benefits of Magento’s ajax cart extension

benefits-of-magentos-ajax-based-cart-extension | KnowBand
The cart extension module is another effective tool from the house of Magento.

Have a look at the various benefits that cart extension module carries for your website.

  1. Cuts loading time: The Ajax based cart extension allow you to cut the time which is wasted in reloading of the pages. The customer can easily add the product to his/her cart and make a purchase without waiting for the product page to load every time. He/she can easily make the choice either to continue shopping or head away directly from the ‘Add to cart’ page. It takes away the frustration that occur while reloading of the pages even for a minor change in the cart.
  2. Hassle free editing: Customers can make any addition or subtraction in the cart without any hassle, that too by directly clicking on the product. They need not wait to land on the product page each time to make such changes. This will make the visiting experience of your website more prolific and connective. The more seamless you make your customer experience the more is the chance to optimize your conversion.
  3. Allows comparison among products: The new extension allows the customers to compare between the products. The visitors on your website can easily compare the products by just adding them to the compare list rather than visiting the product pages individually for each product. This saves a lot of time while providing a holistic overview of products to the customer.
  4. Freedom of customization: The extension allows you to make various customization on the front end of your web page. For instance, you can introduce various animation effect to show the movement of the product in and out of the cart. This customization option allows you to make the changes that have the potential to grab the eye of the visitors.

Final say

By enhancing your eCommerce website with the above mentioned features the Magento’s ajax cart extension directly pings at the chances of optimizing your conversions. Being a reliable and consistent platform, Magento has always provided its user an opportunity to explore their business potential and this extension is on the same lines.

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