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How we eliminated 3 crucial design drawbacks of a One-Page Checkout in our extension?

Updated on 31-Jan-2018  One page checkout has been in the debate for a very long time now. The whole idea of simplified checkout revolves around the optimizing the shopping experience of the store visitor. The shopping site will lead to conversions only when the customers are able to complete their transaction effortlessly. How can one […]

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Best Practices and features of a one-page checkout module | KnowBand

Best Practices and features of a one page checkout module

One Page checkout have been in the eCommerce industry for the past few years. However, the kind of eCommerce experience that has been improved using these one step checkouts need not any introduction. From quickest checkouts to conversion optimization, eCommerce store owners see one page checkouts as a tool of improvement. Improvement in customers experiences, […]

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