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The checkout page should be responsive and user-friendly with a balanced page layout and structure. OpenCart One Page Checkout module, developed by KnowBand offers you easy signup, customizable layout, several payments, and shipping method support, and a lot more that makes it best and unique. The OpenCart One Page Checkout module’s latest version compatible with the Journal theme, Opencart v2.0.x – v3.0.x versions of OpenCart. OpenCart Single Page Checkout optimizes the checkout page by speed-up the process.


No customer wants to waste more time checking out. They want a checkout process that is legible, easy, and safe. By eliminating lengthy multi-step checkout, an eCommerce store owner may provide their customers with a simple single-page checkout. As consumers see that only on a single page can their e-Commerce experience be completed, they are more likely to finish the purchase.

Wondering why you should switch to One Page Checkout from Multi-Page Checkout? It is always a hot topic of discussion among eCommerce experts. You can read One Page Checkout vs Multi-Page Checkout and find out which is better for your store.

For better understanding, some of the best features of the OpenCart One Page Checkout Module are discussed in this blog that will accelerate the checkout process on your OpenCart store.

Quick Sign Up by Social Media


Social login is the new login trend, which significantly increases the number of registrations. With a social login option like Facebook and Google, the one-page checkout plugin is integrated. It saves time, and more specified information is received by the store owner. The social login option enhances the conversion rate for customers.

Guest Checkout

The Guest checkout option is provided by a page checkout module by KnowBand. This is an attractive feature that can save clients from filling out a long registration form. If a client does not want to go through a sign-in process, instead of abandoning the cart, he/she can make a guest checkout. If the user is already registered in the store then he can checkout directly.

Save time by removing extra fields

The Quick Single Page Checkout is the compact multi-step checkout version with a decreased number of entries. The OpenCart One-Page Checkout module that has minimal mandatory fields and no options for additional data entry will save time for the user. Some of the fields can be kept optional.

Show Product Details and Update Cart

You can also modify the cart fields in a similar way to the checkout field customization. You can specify which cart elements you want to display to the users with OpenCart One Page Checkout. You can hide the voucher entry from the Cart page, for instance, or display only a few limited fields. For both registered and non-registered users, this can be set up in a few steps.

Google auto address fill and auto-detect country code

With the enabled country auto-detect tab, the user’s location will be auto-detected. The administrator can show or hide the feature from the back end of the One Step Checkout extension of OpenCart. This is a valuable tool that can help clients and administrators alike. This reduces the time for form filling. As soon as the customer begins to fill out the address information, Google Auto-Address Fill displays the address suggestions.

Additional Features:

Layout and Structure Customization

One page checkout shows all the elements on a single page, such as registration, sign-in, payment methods, shipping methods, cart information, etc. A helpful UI allows clients to complete the transaction hassle-free in contradiction to the multiple phase checkout module. There are similar elements in the multiple-step checkout, but it looks tiring and long. It is mobile responsive.


Support for multiple shipping and payment methods

Almost all major shipping and payment methods are supported by the OpenCart One Page Checkout extension, so you can provide your customers with many shipping and payment options to choose from. A default shipping and payment method can also be set. In addition, for every method of shipping, you can specify which payment methods would apply to it.

Compatibility with Journal Theme

The Single Page Checkout Module is Compatible with the Journal 2 and Journal 3 themes of OpenCart. If you need any help with the compatibility of the theme, please contact our support team after purchasing the extension and we will help you to make the extension compatible with the theme of your store without charging any additional costs.

Conclusion: The OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro is designed to reduce the rate of abandonment of shopping carts. It is a quicker, smarter, and better checkout page that substitutes its advanced features for the default checkout. This module decreases the time required for the checkout as well as collects personal data that you can use in planning your digital marketing strategies.

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