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The checkout page is the most crucial part of a customer’s journey on your eCommerce store. A lengthy and complicated checkout process takes no time in turning away the focus of the customer from your store. To be very honest, customers do not like to go through a number of steps before they could make their purchase. What if all the checkout steps could be put together on a single checkout page? This is exactly what One Page Checkout does. It makes the checkout process easy for the customers and persuades them to complete their purchase, hence reducing the abandoned cart possibility. Considering the importance of a single page checkout, Knowband comes up with the OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout extension for OpenCart store owners to make their checkout process convenient for their users.

OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout

In the list of the OpenCart extensions, OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout extension is considered to be the finest. OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout adds a responsive checkout popup to your OpenCart store and makes the checkout process hassle-free for the customers. Customers can make changes to their checkout page without getting redirected to a different URL.

This checkout extension has multi-lingual support and is multi-store compatible. It is a fully mobile responsive extension, that is compatible with all OpenCart themes. Also, the OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout module is easy to install and configure.

Features of OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout-

Guest Checkout

OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout extension provides a Guest checkout option that avoids the mandatory sign-up process on your store. Users can check out as a guest if they do not wish to create an account. Moreover, they are not even required to set a password. Once a customer provides his or her email address, a password is generated and automatically sent over their email.

Social login facility

social login

OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout extension allows customers to register on your store directly with their Facebook or Google+ account for quick and easy registration.

Multiple payment modes


OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout module supports multiple payment options like Debit Card, Credit Card, Sage Pay, PayPal, Mollie, etc. You can set any of the payment modes as the default payment method.

Multiple shipping services

OpenCart Advanced quick checkout extension supports various shipping services like FedEx, Smart Send, USPS, RoyalMail, Collisimo, etc. You can set any of the shipping services as the default shipping method.

Define the payment modes for the shipping services

OpenCart One Step advanced checkout extension has a Ship2Pay option, under which you can mention which payment modes do you want to provide for a particular shipping service.

Rearrange fields with Drag and Drop

Opencart simplified checkout extension offers the drag and drop functionality, through which, the admin can prioritize the checkout fields. Just pick a field, drag and drop it to the place where you want to display it.

Make a field mandatory or optional

OpenCart fast checkout extension provides you the option to make a field mandatory or optional. For example, you can keep fields like First name or Address as mandatory and Company name or postcode as optional.

Newsletter subscription and MailChimp Integrator

You can display the newsletter subscription option to the customers and ask them to subscribe to your future updates or marketing campaigns. Following this, when a user provides the email address and subscribes to your newsletters, the information is instantly transferred to your MailChimp account.

Remove unwanted cart fields

OpenCart One Page Advanced checkout contains a “Cart” tab under which you get options like Display product image, Display Product quantity, Display price, etc. You have the option to choose which cart field do you want to display and which cart field do you want to avoid on the checkout page.

Benefits of OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout-

1. Easy and fast checkout

2. Quick user registration

3. Reduces the cart abandonment rate

4. Increases conversions

5. Enhances the user experience by simplifying the checkout process

Final Word

Let your users enjoy a seamless checkout experience. Optimize your checkout process by implementing OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout. This OpenCart extension can make a significant impact on your conversion rate.

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