Complete Hyperlocal Package Solution for your On-Demand Delivery Business

Recently, the Hyperlocal Delivery Model is trending in the eCommerce industry and the main features of on-demand hyperlocal delivery are efficiency and features. Along with a website, the demand for an application like a hyperlocal marketplace mobile app is empowering the home delivery model. People pay extra for doorstep delivery and they do it willingly. […]

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Online Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model | Complete Guide for Food and Grocery Marketplace

The hyperlocal delivery business model is spreading its wings in the food and grocery market. Experts assume that in the coming future, the Grocery home delivery business will expand remarkably, and incorporating the hyperlocal delivery business model is a win-win for all the focuses involved. If you are looking for a solution to start a […]

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Advantages of Having Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace extension over other platforms

A marketplace must stand out from the competition to achieve a reasonable solution that would benefit everyone. Many physical stores have been converted to online stores to ramp-up the eCommerce operations. There is a silver lining to the COVID outbreak for the marketplace businesses that flourished throughout the pandemic. Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace extension […]

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Explore New Business Opportunities with Hyperlocal Marketplace PrestaShop Module

With the rise in marketplace demand, the Hyperlocal Marketplace PrestaShop module is a solution for all the startups that are planning on a new venture. The module is developed to provide complete assistance to the admin, seller, and customers who are willing to take the advantage of nearby delivery models. Hyperlocal concept work on geolocation […]

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PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App – User Manual

1.0 Introduction The PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App Builder is for converting online hyperlocal multi-vendor marketplace into native Android and iOS shopping app without any coding/programming knowledge. The readymade plugin is a pre-designed framework for all PrestaShop store owners out there who are somewhere willing to launch mobile apps. Buy Module: 1.1 What is a […]

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