Why your eCommerce Shipping and Delivery Strategy Is More Important than Ever- Explained with live Examples


How fast are your eCommerce orders delivered? How many choices do you give for delivery? What are you going to charge for shipping? Is shipping secure for you? These are some pressing questions related to eCommerce delivery.  You have to have a plan for delivery services that satisfies your customers and improves their customer experience. […]

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PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App making the Delivery Management easy for Mayida!


The Mayida is an expert and collaborator in Saudi Arabia for the best agricultural farms to ensure the highest quality of goods for you. They rely on criteria and ratios dedicated to serving clients. It involves facilitating the purchase of products, storing and shipping fresh food items in the most efficient manner possible to maintain […]

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4 Simple Ways Your Ecommerce Brand Can Better Serve Customers In 2021


Ecommerce organizations have to come up with innovative and unique business marketing ideas to stand out from the competition. Optimizing the UI of your store is important to keep your visitors engaged in your store and to enhance customer retention and conversion it is your primary responsibility to focus on improving customer experience. While retail […]

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How PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App can help you with Seamless Delivery Management?


The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App is a robust delivery management system that allows store managers to manage home deliveries fast and hassle-free. The framework is designed and developed considering the struggle of eCommerce store owners after receiving the orders. It is often a major turn-off for the store customers whenever the product delivery gets delayed. […]

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