PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App making the Delivery Management easy for Mayida!


The Mayida is an expert and collaborator in Saudi Arabia for the best agricultural farms to ensure the highest quality of goods for you.

They rely on criteria and ratios dedicated to serving clients. It involves facilitating the purchase of products, storing and shipping fresh food items in the most efficient manner possible to maintain product quality.

The Mayida store is using KnowBand PrestaShop Delivery Boy App to deliver fresh veggies to the doorstep. It helps to manage the shipping process smoothly. This app makes delivery management easier and delivery boys can operate the mobile app from anywhere.

The goal of creating this app was to bring all food services to your table and provide you with the highest quality and best products possible.

The delivery person may use it for a variety of purposes.

How does a farm-fresh delivery company manage delivery boys?

1. Delivery boy registration and login

Store merchants can create an account for a delivery boy and share his credentials so that they can log in and start their job. The PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App allows the delivery boy to log in quickly and easily. Allowing the delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to be on time.

Majority of people have trouble recalling their passwords. To avoid this, the user can save his or her registration credentials. If the delivery boy forgets his password, he can use the ‘Forgot Password?’ choice on the same login page to recover it.


2. How to assign orders to a delivery boy?

The store merchant assigns the orders to a delivery boy who is available in the nearby area.

App has a simple navigation menu: The Prestashop delivery boy mobile app has a simple navigation system. It is easy to find out the order in charge details, and order tracking on the app.

This also displays the final status, which reads, “The Order has Been Shipped!”

Order listing to see the order status: The delivery boy can sort the orders on the basis of recent orders first, earlier orders, and according to cost. Additionally, it allows a delivery boy to see the orders based on order ID, order status, and date-wise.

Push notifications: The delivery boy receives a push notification every time the admin assigns an order.

In case the delivery boy couldn’t complete the order, he will have to state a reason for rejecting it.


3. Google Maps shows customer location for order delivery

It is important to know the exact position of the customer to execute the order successfully. The delivery boy will be able to monitor the position using the Google Maps integration.



Admin handle of PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App

The store administrator may add multiple delivery boys, and the delivery boy will receive their login credentials via email. All deliveries can be monitored and managed by the store administrator from a single admin screen, making it simple to keep track of all orders.

For both the admin and the delivery boy, the Delivery Boy App has several features. Both will keep track of all of the instructions. If a delivery boy refuses to perform the assigned delivery duty, he must provide a legitimate reason for doing so.

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App is a native Android and iOS app. The app can be launched on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

Note: The PrestaShop delivery Boy Mobile app is compatible with KnowBand’s Mobile App Builder.

Finally, the above delivery boy mobile app exemplifies the value of KnowBand’s Delivery Boy App to the seller, client, and delivery boy. It helps the administrator to easily control the marketplace and make the deliveries on time. The Mobile Apps are multilingual, and they are designed to give a superior experience to the user.

Why store fruits and veggies when you can have them fresh from the farm!

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