Underrated yet Functional Reasons to Choose Prestashop One Page Checkout

Knowband prestashop one page checkout addon

Have you ever thought about having the Prestashop One Page Checkout for your store? A checkout process is of great value. Further, you must pay attention to your website’s checkout process if you want to increase revenue for your company. It is one of the most important factors that might influence whether a shopper converts or leave the shopping cart empty. Any eCommerce store’s cycle is regarded as a crucial component that addresses getting greater conversion rates.

If you are unable to improve the checkout process, it will undoubtedly have a significant impact on your conversion rates and sales. One Page Checkout Prestashop is receiving support from several website marketers. Furthermore, to reduce the growing number of abandoned carts.


Here are some of the several arguments in favour of using the Prestashop One Page Supercheckout to increase sales. Moreover, increase conversions to your store.

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What makes the Prestashop One Page Checkout Addon a Must-Have?

  • Doesn’t hesitate to Provide Details When a Mistake Happens

It would be a brilliant idea to let customers know about errors they made on the checkout page itself. This error reporting will aid in completing your checkout process right away, decreasing the likelihood of shopping cart abandonment.

Introduce the corresponding One Step Checkout Prestashop Module to your shop. A perfect checkout module should be capable of telling customers about checkout-related errors. 

One Page Checkout

  • Investigate the validity of your promotional codes

An excellent way to boost the sales of your online shop is to attract customers with enticing discount coupons or promotion codes. It is common human behaviour to pay close attention to coupon restrictions while making an online purchase.

The availability of excellent discounts or promotion codes motivates the customer to complete a recent buy.

Choose a One Step Checkout Prestashop Module that enables you to share discount coupons with your customers so that they can use them at checkout. 

  • Provides Optional Payment And Shipping Options

It has been observed that offering customers a variety of shipping and payment options enhances customer loyalty to an online retailer. Do not force customers to use your present shipping and payment options to make an online purchase. This preoccupation is best addressed by this Prestashop One Page Checkout from the Knowband store, which streamlines the online purchasing process for Prestashop websites.

It gives customers the option to select any of the available payment and transportation options for a simple checkout process. Having a variety of payment options increases product sales and conversions and builds customer confidence in an online company.

PayPal, Advanced PayPal, Boleto, PayU, Stripe, and 2Checkout are a few of the payment gateways offered by Responsive one-page checkout Prestashop.

how One Page Checkout works

  • Reduces the number of checkout procedures required

When making an online purchase, customers choose this way of buying over going door to door since they are too busy to do so. They would not want to waste their time on pointless check-out procedures, but this is not the case in the current circumstances.

The opportunity of increasing sales with a single-page checkout process is finally squandered due to the confusing checkout procedures. If you want to increase sales and the consumer experience throughout the checkout process, it is essential to have everything on one page.

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  • Eliminate any interruptions and keep things simple

The primary goal of creating a checkout page is to persuade the consumer to finish the process of buying. To provide clients with the only fields they need to fill out to make the process simple and distraction-free, the Prestashop Responsive One Step Checkout Addon allows you to remove superfluous processes and distractions from the checkout page.

With the necessary CTA buttons, the procedure also becomes engaging and functionally simple.

One Page Checkout compatiblity

  • Even for guest checkouts, demands an email

Customers leave their shopping carts because they have to register for an account to check out. Clients find that annoying. Why do you think that would irritate them? It’s because if they filled out the registration form and provided all the necessary information, they would get a barrage of daily, multiple-day, or even hourly advertising emails from the website.

The guest checkout option is available in the Prestashop responsive one-step checkout addon’s design. Thus, website users who would like to purchase without signing up for anything can do so. 

  • The social login option makes signing up so much easier

Signing up or logging in on a website can be very tricky and lengthy. Therefore, social login comes as a handy option for customers. Furthermore, if you allow your customers to signup or log in using social media, there can be more conversions. Well, that is why the Prestashop one-page check has the option to use their social login accounts to sign up or login on to the website.

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one page checkout testimonal

In the end

Without implementing a necessary checkout measure, there isn’t a single online store that can increase sales and conversions. It is a crucial component of any eCommerce shop that may immediately achieve success in terms of revenue and clients. Using the Prestashop one-page checkout might help you attract more consumers and increase conversions. Furthermore, do everything it takes not to waste a second in putting them into place. Your eCommerce store’s success depends on maintaining a flexible and user-friendly checkout process.

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