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The PrestaShop Checkout addon also called PrestaShop One Page Checkout is a PrestaShop extension that replaces the conventional multi-page checkout process on your Prestashop store with a single page checkout system.

Having a PrestaShop One Page Checkout is beneficial for your Prestashop store as it helps in improving the conversion rate by optimizing the checkout page and making the checkout process simple and quick.


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This blog listicle will give you a clear idea about the PrestaShop One Page Checkout and how you can customize it for your PrestaShop store.

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Why KnowBand’s PrestaShop One Page Checkout?

Online Shoppers have to go through a number of steps when they are on the checkout page. On top of that, they are presented with a registration form in between, which disturbs their flow. To be very honest, a majority of consumers do not like to fill lengthy registration forms or create an account during the checkout, yet a number of e-commerce stores have made it mandatory on their website.

As a result, some consumers choose to abandon their carts and look at other stores that provide a simpler and better checkout facility. PrestaShop One page checkout addon deals with such scenarios and aims to provide a better checkout experience to your store visitors.


Prestashop One Page Checkout works in different ways to curb various loopholes in a checkout process that may be killing your conversions and increasing shopping cart abandonment. Let’s look at how Prestashop One Page Checkout helps in making your checkout process better.

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1. It Offers Guest Checkout

For the consumers who hesitate to create an account on your store or do not like to get registered, you can provide them with the Guest checkout option and encourage them to make a quick purchase.

2. Social login makes the signup quick

Customers can use their Facebook, Google, or PayPal accounts to sign-up on your store. It saves shoppers’ time from lengthy form filling and makes their way easy for the checkout.

3. Customers can Easily Update Cart Quantity on the checkout page

A user who wants to make changes to the product quantity does not need to go back to the product page. He or she can update it right from the checkout page.

4. Google Auto-address fill reduces extra efforts

Enabling this feature automatically fills the address fields at the checkout page. As soon as a user starts typing his/her address fields, the address suggestions are displayed and upon picking an address, the related address fields are filled automatically.

5. Multiple Payment methods and Shipping services support

The PrestaShop One Page Checkout addon supports almost all the major payment modes and shipping services.

Compatible with Mollie Payment Method: The PrestaShop Checkout allows adding several payment methods. The latest version of the module is fully compatible with the Mollie payment method.

6. Variety of Layouts to give an interesting look

PrestaShop Quick Checkout extension provides 3 layout designs, namely: 1-column layout, 2-column layout, and 3-column layout.

7. MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Klaviyo email Integrator support

Every time an email address is captured, it will be automatically synced to your MailChimp, Klaviyo, or SendinBlue account, provided you have set up the API key from the back-end for the respective platforms.

8. Remove unnecessary fields from the Checkout page

With PrestaShop One Page Checkout, you can choose which checkout fields you want to display on the checkout page. From all the checkout fields, you can specify which fields to show and which fields to hide. Besides, you can also mark fields as mandatory or optional.

9. Arrange Checkout fields through Drag and Drop functionality

Prestashop One Page Checkout module lets you organize checkout fields as per your preference. For example, if you want to place a field above any other field, you can simply do that by picking the field and dropping it to the desired position.

Statistics: Data helps in planning

10. View Abandoned Checkout Statistics [New]

Find out how many abandoned checkouts have taken place in your store, what was the revenue of those abandoned checkouts, and view the checkout conversion rate with the help of PrestaShop One Page Checkout.

11. Examine the user behavior on the Checkout page [New]

Also, explore which checkout fields are hampering the user experience that is leading to checkout abandonment. It displays the percentage for every checkout field. Higher percentage fields mean maximum visitors are facing trouble with those options.

12. Increase average cart value with free shipping tab[New]

The one-page checkout module has a feature that lets you define a minimum amount for displaying the free shipping option. If a visitor is shopping for or above the given amount, he will see a banner that would tell how much more does they need to shop to avail free shipping benefits.

13. Show Product Price With Taxes [New]

With the PrestaShop One Page Checkout addon, the e-merchant gets four options for displaying the total price of the goods. You may choose to display the default PrestaShop price, the price inclusive of tax, the price exclusive of tax, or the price inclusive and exclusive of tax.

14. Display custom fields in invoice [New]

The store owner can also enable the option to display the added custom field in the invoice of the order placed, thanks to a new update in Knowband’s PrestaShop One Page Checkout addon.

15. PrestaShop One Page Checkout is highly compatible with:

  • Compatible for free products (No payment method will be displayed)
  • It is compatible with digital/virtual products (No shipping method will be displayed)
  • Compatible with customizable products and displays entire information on the shopping cart, including all customized details
  • One Page Checkout supports multi-lingual feature
  • Works responsively on all the devices like mobile, tablets, desktop

Steps to set up One Page Checkout on your PrestaShop store?

1. Download and install the PrestaShop one-page checkout extension.

2. After installation, enable the extension by going to modules>SuperCheckout>configure.

3. After you click configure, the following screen will appear-

PrestaShop One Page Checkout General Configurations

The General settings contain the option to enable/disable the one-page checkout module, enable/disable Guest checkout, setting a default checkout option, test mode functionality, CIF/ DNI/ NIF validator for Spain visitors, etc.

Customizer contains the options to adjust the color of the “Place Order” button on the checkout page.


Moreover, the Login tab allows you to add the social login facility to your checkout page.

social login

More features to customize your checkout page on the PrestaShop website

Under Email Marketing settings, you can activate different email marketing tools like MailChimp, SendinBlue, Klaviyo, etc. to collect user information directly in these accounts whenever a user provides his data.

The Addresses tab consists of options like Inline validations, Auto-detect country, Auto address fill. Under the same tab, you can choose which fields you want to keep mandatory for your store visitors and which are optional.

The payment method tab allows you to select the payment modes that you want to provide to consumers.

Similarly, the Delivery method tab lets you choose the shipping services that you want your users to avail.

Ship2Pay provides you with the options to decide which payment modes do you want to provide for a particular shipping service.

Under the Cart tab, you can specify the cart details that you want to display on the checkout page.

In addition, the Design tab lets you design your checkout page in a single-column layout, 2 column layout, or 3 column layout.

2 new features that have been added to this checkout module are Abandoned Checkout Statistics and Checkout behavior report which have already been explained above.

For complete in-depth details regarding the Prestashop one-page checkout addon, please refer to PrestaShop One Page Checkout User Manual.

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