How can eCommerce Progressive Web App help with your mobile conversions?

How can eCommerce Progressive Web App help with your mobile conversions?

People now use mobile devices substantially more often than desktop computers to access the internet. In addition, they browse twice as much material on them. That also applies to internet buying norms. When your online network is unstable, using an eCommerce website to generate revenue might be challenging. Additionally, asking customers to download a mobile app is another way to execute conversions. eCommerce progressive web app sits in between browser-based websites and native mobile apps. Moreover, it is most likely created to boost mobile conversions for eCommerce companies.

How can eCommerce Progressive Web App help with your mobile conversions?

A new must-have format for your company’s mobile branding is the eCommerce PWA. Further, the most troubling distribution problem solves using the eCommerce PWA Mobile App.

The Progressive Web App for eCommerce is directly generated from the website’s mobile browser. In fact, there is no compelling need to download the app from an external app store or other location. In fact, all things considered, a quick notification requesting to “Add App To Home Screen” appears. Further, whenever a user views a PWA active website on a mobile browser.

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PWA for eCommerce is created by app developers and administrative staff. Further, to provide a dynamic and seamless user experience while accessing the content through a website/web app.

Major Benefits of the eCommerce Progressive Web App

PWA Mobile App is an approach that combines a variety of technologies to create a successful online application. People can spend longer time on websites and view more serious advertisements if the user experience is enhanced. In fact, they like making larger purchases and are compelled to return frequently despite alerts.

progressive web app benefits and features

  • Consistent performance

A website forces visitors to halt while it is occupied with idle trips to the server. Further, each request for a resource or piece of information from the network is routed via a service provider. Who first determines if the answer to the specific request is already in the reserve. Users have greater faith in the app and perceive it to be more reliable in terms of performance since they swiftly receive authentic material, even on a poor connection.

  • Quick Loading 

This UI is not hackable. The software replies to user connections without any issues, and scrolling is reliable. Because it is lightweight and has a quick loading component, your Progressive Web App will often launch apps faster than native ones. This provides an exceptional user experience for app users while maintaining the quality of the services.

  • Engaging

The eCommerce mobile app mimics a native app very much. An area can be acquired by a PWA above the user’s home screen. It provides a workspace with a full screen that has a native app-like feel. It uses push alerts to keep consumers active.

  • Offline accessibility

The most well-known method for delivering material to users is “offline first,” as the phrase indicates. 

  • Push Notifications

Your eCommerce store’s conversion rate is effectively increased through push notifications. The eCommerce PWA enables store owners to create and publish an unlimited number of push notifications. They are already handy for scheduling and digitizing. Making use of eye-catching names and graphics in your alerts might work wonders.

  • Cross-Sell is a new advantage

How can eCommerce Progressive Web App help with your mobile conversions?

The PWA Mobile App now helps the admin cross-sell your products. How? It is because of the Automatic Related Products plugin compatibility. Therefore, you can display related products on the website to help the customers shop more. Thus, it increases sales.

Prestashop PWA Mobile App by knowband features

Even if an eCommerce Progressive Web App is not a must for usefulness. In fact, it is a way to strengthen your bonds with both present and new consumers while also overcoming the challenge of users leaving the website. 

Many people ignore the requests to join email lists and occasionally don’t take the next step to open and read the messages, but on the odd chance that you can persuade a client to use your eCommerce PWA Mobile App, you can build real brand exposure.

Since 2015, Google has supported PWAs. Moreover, as of right now, iOS is also allowing them in its web browser. Google gives applications a higher rating when creeping and engaging in other activities. 

On the off chance that you are launching a new website, PWA might be a wise decision. Before creating a responsive app, it becomes sensitive to first adapt your online app to users and solicit their comments. 

This module is also compatible with Multi-vendor Marketplace by Knowband.

PWA available for all platform


Although the responsive mobile app cannot completely replace the Progressive Web App, it is a good starting point for launching your mobile app. You may select from Knowband’s eCommerce PWAs for Prestashop, Magento 2, and WooCommerce in addition to the OpenCart PWA Mobile App.

The eCommerce Progressive Web App is a stunning option. In fact, there’s a lot more to the plugin than you find in the blog. Thus, you can choose to check out the module on the Knowband store. Moreover, let us know your concerns at


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