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The online booking system has made life much easier than before. Today, if I need to go somewhere, I can book a cab. If I need to consult a doctor, I can create an appointment in a few taps. If I am heading out of the station and need a place to stay, I can reserve a room without any hassle.

The online reservation system has added convenience to the daily lifestyle of the people. People, now, do not worry about getting a booking as they know they have the option to book a facility anytime. And it can be done within a few steps.

Witnessing various benefits of an online booking system, many online businesses have now started offering booking facilities to their customers. If you are also looking to add a reservation system to your online business, PrestaShop Booking and Rental System will help you do so.

PrestaShop Booking and Rental system allows you to create and manage multiple booking services, be it an Appointment, Car/Bike Rental or a Hotel Booking. It lets your customers book an online service anytime from anywhere.

If you own a store on the PrestaShop platform where you want to make people book a service without facing any trouble, PrestaShop Booking and Rental system is the one-stop solution.

PrestaShop Booking System

PrestaShop Booking System is basically classified into three types:

1. Appointment Bookings

2. Hotel Bookings

3. Rental Bookings

1. PrestaShop Appointment Booking system

Appointment booking tools are mostly used for a doctor visit, home checkup, and other professional services.

With the help of PrestaShop Appointment Booking system, you can

– Allow your customers to book an appointment effortlessly.

– Provide two types of appointment services: Branch visit or Home service.

PrestaShop Appoint Booking System

– Set the number of bookings that you wish to take per slot per day.

– Set an upfront booking price.

– Specify the days and time slots for which the appointments can be generated.

– Adjust the booking price for different timings.

2. PrestaShop Hotel Booking System

Online hotel bookings take place in huge number nowadays. Customers can check multiple hotels online, check the price, room condition, hotel facilities and much more.

With the help of PrestaShop Hotel Booking system, you can

– Assign categories to your hotel rooms, for example, Deluxe, Premium, Flagship, etc.

PrestaShop hotel booking system

– Specify the hotel room type, for example, Single Bedroom, Double Bedroom, etc.

Prestashop hotel reservation

While adding a room type, you can also specify the maximum children and adult allowed for that particular room.

– Specify the period within which the hotel bookings can be made.

– Display an upfront booking price.

– Adjust the booking price for different time periods.

Prestashop room booking system

– Set an additional price for different categories and room type.

– Specify the minimum and the maximum number of days for which a booking can be made.

– Specify the booking quantity per day for different room type and category.

– Define the hotel rating and display it on the front-end.

– Set a check-in and check-out time.

– Add hotel and room amenities like AC, WiFi, TV, Parking facility, Elevator, etc.

3. PrestaShop Rental Booking System

People usually prefer to book a car or a cycle/bike, depending on the travelling distance they want to cover. Many online businesses have been set up from where users can rent a vehicle.

The PrestaShop Rental module is further classified into

Daily Rentals

Hourly Rentals

With the help of PrestaShop Rental system, you can

– Specify the number of bookings that can be made per slot per day

– Define the days for which the rental bookings can be made.

– Specify the minimum and the maximum number of hours for which a booking can be made. (This is particularly for hourly rentals)

Prestashop rental booking

– Display an upfront booking price

– Specify the minimum and the maximum number of days for which a user can obtain the rental booking facility.

– Adjust the booking price for different slots.

– Add facilities that the customer would receive, for example, an AC bus or a Non-AC bus.

PrestaShop Booking System also allows you to offer a discount to your customers on a particular date or for a particular period. Apart from this, it lets you check your booking orders which can be viewed under the “Orders” tab.

Final Word

PrestaShop Booking and Rental system can facilitate online booking system of your PrestaShop website. It enhances the online booking experience of your customers and lets you manage your bookings comfortably. With PrestaShop Booking system, you can provide a 24×7 booking facility to your users.

Try out the PrestaShop Reservation and Booking system today and enjoy the ample features and benefits that it offers!

To have your online booking app, you can check the PrestaShop Booking and Rental Mobile App.


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