Why should you have an Online Booking System?

Why should you have an Online Booking System?

Remember going to the movie theatres and finding out that the show is sold out? Today, we have the facility where we can check out the show timings and book seats accordingly in advance. You make the payment, book the seat and then it doesn’t matter whether the show is houseful or not. You will get your seat for sure. This has been made possible through the online booking system.

The online booking system has facilitated the lifestyle of people. From booking an appointment to booking a hotel room, everything requires only a few finger taps.

There are multiple businesses set up today that provide online booking facilities whether it is about an appointment booking, home cleaning, car or bike rental booking, etc. If you also run a booking business but offline, you should strongly consider taking it online.

What exactly is an Online Booking System?

In simplest of words, an online booking system adds booking facility on your website and lets you provide your customers with hassle-free booking. Having said that, if they want to book a service, they do not need to call and get an appointment, they can simply choose the desired date and time and confirm the booking after successful payment.

The need for an Online Booking System

In this rapidly evolving world where almost everything seems to go digital, not having an online platform could put you far away from your competitors who are providing the same sort of facilities but through an online medium.

You might not be getting too many bookings initially but if the number increases in the future, managing your bookings manually could be quite a challenging task. On the other hand, people have started moving towards online bookings due to shortage of time. So there will be some concerns for you if you do not adopt the online booking system.

Having an online booking system will put an end to the manual work and save a lot of time for you as well as your potential customers.

Benefits of Online Booking System

Here is why you should consider having an online booking system-

1. Time-saving

As I mentioned above, the online booking system saves you a lot of time since you are not required to perform anything manually. You can track your bookings, send regular email follow-ups and most importantly, you can customize your booking system as per your availability.

2. Scale-up your bookings

One of the major benefits of having an online booking system is that your prospects do not need to wait for defined hours to make a booking. All they need to do is open your website, select the day and time for which they want to have a booking and that’s it. All this happens while you are taking a peaceful nap.

With 24×7 online booking service, you can increase your bookings significantly. The unavailability of an online booking platform may compel even your regular or loyal customers to look for other alternatives, and you may lose them to your online competitors that are growing at a rapid rate.

3. Online booking system cuts down your workload

The efficiency that the online booking system provides cannot be achieved with the manual booking process. There will be no headache of receiving calls for booking, you do not need to chase your potential customers over call and get the booking confirmation. Everything would be done in a systematic manner.

4. Boost Your Revenue

You will witness a sharp increase in your bookings if you take your booking system online, which will provide you with more revenue. If you want to dominate your competitors, now is the time to mark your presence.

How to create an Online Booking System?

There are some technical ways to set up your online booking system but I would not go into the technical stuff. Instead, I would suggest installing a plugin to make your task easy.

Depending on the eCommerce platform you choose for your online booking system, you will find a number of eCommerce development services providers that will do the needful for you.

We, at Knowband, also offer online booking system facility for PrestaShop and OpenCart platform. So, if you are having a website on either of these platforms, you can have a look at-

PrestaShop Booking and Rental System addon

OpenCart Booking and Rental System extension

The booking and rental system module lets you add appointment bookings, hotel bookings and rental booking facilities to your website. It is a feature-packed module that ensures that your potential customers enjoy a hassle-free booking experience on your website.

From adjusting the booking price as per different days and timing to turning off booking facility for specific days in a weekend, the module provides you with lots of configurations.

For PrestaShop store merchants, we have a special module which is a combo of PrestaShop Mobile App Builder and PrestaShop Booking and Rental System. Check out-

PrestaShop Booking and Rental Mobile App

Over to You

No tiredness, no workload, easy bookings, and almost double revenue, that’s what an online booking system does for you. And you can manage your bookings comfortably with Knowband’s booking and rental system module.

One important suggestion- Make sure that your booking website is responsive. Do not shift your entire focus on optimizing it particularly for desktop, it should be mobile-friendly so that your mobile users do not find any trouble while creating a booking.

For any assistance, you can reach out to us at support@knowband.com

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