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It often happens that customers get stuck on the checkout page and do not proceed further. Do you know why that happens? Once customers have decided what they want to purchase, they prefer to check out as quickly as they can, yet many e-commerce stores have put up some barriers on the checkout page that breaks the flow of a customer’s purchase.

If you are an OpenCart store owner, we have a solution for this, OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro by Knowband eliminates multiple steps of checkout and gives pleasing UX to your customers.

OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro

Opencart One Page Checkout

OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension is one of the best OpenCart extensions that focus on making the customer purchase quick and easy. It is a dynamic multi-lingual extension with multi-store compatibility, compatible with all themes, and is fully mobile responsive. Opencart One Page Checkout Plugin Pro is easy to install and set up.

What’s new in OpenCart One Page checkout?


OpenCart One page checkout comes with some striking most demanded features and this is a must buy plugin if you are an OpencCart eCommerce store owner. Let’s sneak into it.

Google Auto Address Fill option

The updated version of Opencart One Page Checkout has the functionality of the address auto-fill by Google. By reducing customer’s check-out time it encourages customer conversion. Google Auto-Address Fill displays the address suggestions when a customer enters the address information. It collects the typed characters and displays related data. The Zip Code and the City Column will be extracted automatically when the proposed address is selected.

Dynamic layout with new customizer settings

No theme is similar and as a store owner, an attractive look for the website is what we desire for. You don’t need to be a coder for this. Now an OpenCartStore owner can customize the checkout page buttons by changing background and text color according to the theme. All can be accomplished from the OpenCart single page checkout Plugin without changing the base code.

Social login with Google+, Facebook, and PayPal

Let your customers sign up or sign in to your store directly with their social media accounts. OpenCart One Page Checkout offers Facebook and Google+ login for quick registration. PayPal login is one of the most demanding features for OpenCart Checkout. This updated version of the OpenCart One Page checkout plugin allows the customer to login by their PayPal account.

Add Subscribers to your Newsletter

In this One Step Checkout OpenCart Extension, a built-in MailChimp, Klaviyo, and SendinBlue integrator is included so you can save time and money. It sends customer email IDs directly to your account either when the customer comes out of the email field or when they place an order after choosing a newsletter subscription checkbox. If you log in via Google or Facebook, your email will also be sent to your email marketing tool which helps you grow your subscribers.

Key features of OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro

Guest Checkout

OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension provides a Guest checkout option to customers who do not want to create an account on your e-commerce store. In fact, they do not even need to set a password. A customer just needs to provide his/her email address and a password will be automatically sent over their email.

Multiple payment modes

OpenCart single page checkout extension supports multiple payment modes like Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, PayU, PayZippy, Boleto, etc. You can set a default payment method.

Multiple shipping services

OpenCart quick checkout extension supports all the major shipping services that include USPS, UPS, FedEx, RoyalMail, Citilink, etc. You can set a default shipping service.

Set the payment modes for a particular shipping service

OpenCart one step checkout extension comes with a Ship2Pay feature, under which you can mention which payment modes do you support for a particular shipping method.

Drag and Drop fields

OpenCart fast checkout extension provides the drag and drop functionality, with the help of which, the store admin can prioritize the checkout fields. Just pick a field and place it where you want to get it displayed.

Decide which field you want to keep mandatory and which as optional

OpenCart simplified checkout extension provides you the option to keep a field mandatory or optional. For example, on the checkout page, you can keep “First name” as mandatory and the “Last name” is optional. Try to keep only important fields as mandatory.

Multiple layouts

The design of your checkout page matters a lot for an amazing user experience. OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro offers 3 layout designs; 1-column, 2-columns, 3-columns. With this option, you can choose to display all the checkout information in a single column or segment it into two or three columns.

Customize cart fields

It is up to you to decide which cart details do you want to display on the checkout page. You can choose to show or hide the product image, product name, product description, model, quantity, product price, etc.

Benefits of OpenCart one page checkout extension


1. Fast and quick checkout:

OpenCart Single Page Checkout has the new user interface, Autofill address functionality, and social login options which allow the guest or logged in customers to make quick checkout.

2. Reduce abandoned cart:

The simple and fast checkout process encourages the customer to make the checkout process quickly without turning back. Study shows that more than 60% of abandoned carts are due to a complex or slow checkout page. One page Checkout helps in reducing abandoned cart rates.

3. Increase Sales and Conversion rate:

Our OpenCart Single Page checkout extension makes the checkout process effortless which increases the conversion rate of their eCommerce store.

4. Newsletter and Voucher Field:

One Page Checkout plugin of OpenCart by Knowband has the option to provide a newsletter subscription tab and voucher field on the checkout page. Now your customer can put the voucher code during the checkout process.

5. Complete Cart Summary

OpenCart One Step Checkout extension displays full Cart Summary, displays the product image directly, or when the customer moves the cursor over the product name. Customers can change the quantity directly on the checkout page.

6. Mobile Responsive

With more than half of the shopping done through mobile, it is extremely important to have a mobile responsive website. The OpenCart One Page Plugin is fully mobile responsive and compatible with all browsers and devices.

Final word

No matter how appealing you have made your e-commerce website, if you cannot deliver a great checkout experience to your users, you may lose out on conversions. Try out the OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro today that includes all the above-mentioned features and much more!

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