Prestashop Birthday Coupon – User Manual

1.0 Introduction

The Prestashop Birthday coupon addon allows the store merchant to send the discount vouchers and free gifts to the customer on their birthdays. Prestashop Birthday Gift Addon is an effortless way to please your customers and boost your sales at the same time. The module makes sure that the eCommerce store owner never misses a chance of create a special connection with their customers. You can propose your promotions in many forms such as Discount percentage, amount or even free gifts.

Easy to use, this Prestashop addon allows you to send automatic wishes coupled with the incentives to the customers. The admin can even apply country-wise and category-wise restriction to the offers.

1.1. Benefits of Merchant

  • Prestashop Birthday Present module allows the admin to configuration the module easily.
  • Prestashop Birthday Coupon addon enables the Prestashop store admin to set the terms and conditions for the discount/presents offered to the customers on their birthdays.
  • Prestashop Birthday gift module allows the admin to change the Coupon prefix or coupon code name in different languages as per the requirement.
  • This prestashop addons generate the automatic coupon each time and send the email to their customer.
  • This PrestaShop Birthday voucher extension enable Prestashop owners to set the minimum cart value required to avail the discount offered.
  • This PrestaShop Birthday coupon addon allows the store owners to enable the partial use discount amount.
  • This Prestashop Birthday Coupon module faciliates the online merchant to choose the occasion for sending the present, i.e., Customer birthday or on completing a year of account creation.
  • It Allows the personalisation of the emails being sent to the customers.
  • Admin can enable/disable the tax option for minimum cart value.
  • This Prestashop Birthday Discount addon allows admin to enable/disable the free shipping option.
  • This Prestashop Birthday Coupon extension faciliates the admin to select an offer type i.e. Percent, Amount & send a free gift.
  • This Prestashop extension allows admin to set the no of days before the Birthday when you want to send the email.
  • This Prestashop Birthday coupon extension allows admin to customize the email template and coupon code email.
  • This Prestashop Birthday gift addon enable admin to add country restriction.
  • Admin can select category restriction.
  • This Prestashop Birthday gift module gives access to admin to view the graphical representation to check the list of the coupon generated as well as the status of the coupons.

1.2 Benefits of Customer

  • Customer feels special when they receive the coupon on their birthday and change the mindset to the next shopping.
  • This Prestashop Birthday gift addon can send free gift or discount coupons to the customer on their birhday,
  • Customer can use the coupon easily to the next purcharse.

2.0 Installation

After the purchase the Prestashop Birthday Coupon Addon from the store and you will get following files as listed below

1. Zipped file containing the source code of the module

2. User Manual

Follow the following steps to install the addon in the Prestashop store:

  • Unzip the zipped file. It would contain files and folders as shown below –

  • Copy all the files and folders of the unzipped folder into your store “Modules” directory on the path – Root Directory/modules/.
  • Now module is ready to be installed in your store and you can find it in Store Admin -> Modules and Services.

In case, you are not able to find module in admin modules list, please try searching module with following details –

Keyword – Birthday Coupon

Authhor – knowband

Category – Front office

Filter By – Installed & Not Installed / Enabled & Disabled

  • Click on “Install” button to install the module. It would show a pop-up for your confirmation. Click on “Proceed with the installation” option. This step will install the module and show notification – “Module(s) installed successfully”. Once the installation is complete, the admin can configure the module.

3.0 How to configure module ?

Once the prestashop addon is configurable, the Store Owner can setup or configure this module through the admin Panel of the store. There are following sections available to configure this module –

  • Go to Store the admin -> Modules and Services
  • Find “Birthday Coupon” and click “configure” button given corresponding to the module i.e. shown below-

  • After clicking on the “configure” button, you will see a window like the one mentioned below-

Birthday Coupon Addon

4.0 Admin Interface

After installing the Prestashop birthday copon addon into the Prestashop store, the online merchant can easily manage and control the birthday wishes and coupons being offered to the customers. The store owner can make the basic changes in the coupons, email triggers and can even set restrictions on the offers. The various configuration options are mentioned below:

  • General Settings
  • Email Settings
  • Country Restrictions
  • Category Restrictions
  • Statistics

Each section of Prestashop Birthday Gift Addon is discuss them in details:

4.1 General Settings

In this section admin can manage the set the coupn code prefix, coupn code validity and musch more. The various configuration options in this section are discussed below:

Enable/Disable: The Prestashop Birthday Vouchers Addon can be enabled/disabled from this section.

Name: Admin can enter the name of the coupon code in the desired language. The module supports multiple languages.

Prefix Cart Rule: This is the prefix that will be added before every coupon code generated by the module. Store owner can change this prefix according to the need.

Highlight: The Prestashop Birthday Coupon Addon enable this functionality to display the voucher amount in the cart summary. It will be displayed if the voucher is shown in the cart.

Partial Use: If this feature is enabled, then, the customer gets an option to use the voucher amount partially. In case of partial use, a new voucher will be created with the remaining amount.

Choose Occasion: The Prestashop Birthday Vouchers Extension allows admin to wishes along with the voucher are sent on two different occasions, that is, the Birthday of the customer or on completion of a year of account creation. The admin can select any one occasion from this selection.

Coupon Validity: In this section admin can set the expiry duration (in days) of the coupon code.

Minimum Amount: Set the minimum order amount. The coupon will be applicable only if the order value is above this fixed amount.

Select Minimum Amount Currency: Select the currency from the drop-down list of the minimum amount value.

Minimum Amount Tax Included: If the button is enabled, the minimum order amount will consider the tax. Otherwise the tax will be excluded while considering the minimum order amount.

Minimum Amount Shipping Included: If the button is enabled, the minimum order amount will include the shipping amount. Otherwise, the shipping amount will not be considered in the minimum order limit.

Valid Order: This validates the eligibility of the customers for availing the offers. If it is enabled, then, the customer must have completed at least one order in order to get the incentive.

Apply a Discount: This Prestashop Birthday Coupon Addon allows admin can offer an incentive to the customers in three form.

  • Percent Discount: In this section admin can set the percentage value.

  • Amount: In case of a fixed amount, enter the value and then select the currency in which you want to offer the discount. You can even include/exclude tax from the discount value by toggling the button shown below.

  • Send a Free Gift: The admin can even gift a product for free to the customer. You can search the product as shown in the image below:

Number of Days: In this section the Prestashop Birthday Coupon Addon set the number of days before the Birthday when you want to send the email trigger.

Cron Tab: There are two cron settings offered to the store owners.

  1. Store Visit: Cron will be executed every time someone visits your site.
  2. Automatically: The cron functionality will be executed through the cron tab.

4.2 Email Settings

In the email setting tab the Prestashop Birthday gift Addon enable the store admin to change the subject line and content of wishes to be sent via email. It offers the multiple email template that admin can choose according to the need. Below shown the image-

4.3 Country Restriction

In this section the Prestashop Birthday Coupon Addon allows admin to admin can add country-wise restrictions in the offers. Enable the buttonas shown below and select the country from the list. The offer will now be applicable for the selected countries only.

4.4 Category Restriction

The coupon code offered to the customer will be applicable to all the categories available in the site if no category restriction is applied. In order to apply the restriction, enable the button shown below. Expand the category and check the desired categories. The coupon will apply only to the selected categories.

4.5 Statistics

The store admin can find the entire list of the coupon generated as well as the status of the coupons in the Statistic tab of the module. The report is generated in both tabular and graphical format.

Now you can try Prestashop Birthday Coupon Addon for on your Prestashop website.

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