How to Automate the Coupon Discount for your OpenCart Store

Certainly, coupons are an enticing way to maximize volume and revenue. It can easily build your customer data and temporarily improve your conversion rates by integrating them into your marketing mix. Although there is no real substitute for offering quality goods and reasonable pricing, when the market heats up or customer expectation determines it, coupons […]

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eCommerce discount coupon marketing strategies

eCommerce strategy – Discount Coupons and How to Use them to Boost the Sales and Revenue

Digital coupons are rebates and discounts provided to current or prospective customers by retailers. By giving a certain percentage discount, free delivery, or another discount, digital coupons are most often aimed at tempting a customer to purchase on the retailer’s website. In reality, coupons are deals, and everybody wants to feel like they have found […]

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