What is New in KnowBand’s PrestaShop One Page Checkout module V7.0.1


The PrestaShop One Page Checkout by KnowBand is a solution to all your cart abandonments and bounce rate problems. It is a custom checkout page that lets the admin track customer behavior and conversion rate with multiple PrestaShop checkout settings.

At KnowBand, we always thrive to offer the best possible solutions to your eCommerce problems. To fulfill that, we bring timely updates along with new features. Our PrestaShop checkout module is ready with a new feature. Prestashop Checkout Plugin by KnowBand has 22000+ downloads combined on the Official Addon store and the KnwoBand store.


In the latest update, some new features like customer and business record fields for the checkout page have been added which was a demanded feature of many PrestaShop companies.

Here are some glimpses of the PrestaShop Checkout Module’s upcoming update.

A look at the new Customer Profile feature of PrestaShop One Page Checkout [7.0.1]

The One Page Checkout  module has a variety of features, the most notable of which are:

Optimize the checkout page based on customer type

Map different fields in PrestaShop Checkout Settings

PrestaShop Checkout module lets you customize your eCommerce checkout field based on the type of client.

  1. Business
  2. Individual
  3. Agencycustomer-profile-individual-business-agency-PrestaShop-opc

It also allows you to create a custom client type and customize it, as well as make it optional or mandatory. An option is provided in the admin to create the customer profile.

Besides this, admin can create separate profiles for different types of customers such as business customers and personal orders and show different fields for checkout for each type of profile.


Also, for mandatory and optional fields, the admin can edit the created profiles.


Display recorded fields on Invoice

After this new update, you will be able to display recorded fields on the Invoice as well.


Multi-lingual Compatibility

The PrestaShop Checkout Module is compatible with multiple languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, etc.

Compatibility with PrestaShop Version 1.7

This new version of PrestaShop One Page Checkout is compatible with all the PrestaShop versions 1.6 to 1.7.

What all One Page Checkout Offers

The One Page checkout module is PrestaShop Best Seller with 10000+ downloads on PrestaShop Addon store and 12000+ on KnowBand store. Its most authentic design and layout customization options make it unique.

PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout Demo


The Module has features like social login, guest checkout, show optional and mandatory fields, inline error validation.

In addition, the checkout settings include layout customization, google address auto-fill, display shopping cart, add custom fields for collecting clients’ information.

Along with this, the admin can add multiple shipping methods and multiple payment gateways on the PrestaShop One Page Checkout.

Explore Live Examples of PrestaShop One Page Checkout

Check out some live examples of client’s websites that are using this super amazing module:

Here are some Stunning Live Examples of PrestaShop One Page Checkout Addons that are in action. Moreover, we have combined some examples for specific countries with their payment gateways and shipping methods. Have a glance at 10 elite examples of PrestaShop Checkout for Spain with a list of active payment gateways and shipping methods.

When we say worldwide, we actually mean it, and here are another top 10 PrestaShop Checkout Module examples of Italy with the best checkout page practices to follow. Poland and France are other countries that have several clients who are using PrestaShop One Page Checkout. Give a read and explore the features of 10 on fleek PrestaShop Checkout Page examples of Poland eCommerce stores.

Extend Support Period and Get an Additional Savings

Are you already using the PrestaShop One Page Checkout?

Here are steps to extend the support period:
1) log in to your PrestaShop account.
2) Go to the Downloads under the My Orders tab.
3) Here you will find an option to extend the support period. Click on the desired time period for the support.
4) At the checkout page, an additional discount will get applied automatically.

PrestaShop Plugins Compatible with One Page Checkout

From the landing page to final payment, KnowBand is developing solutions for a decade for PrestaShop.


1.      Cash on Delivery with Fee module

The COD module for PrestaShop allows you to add a Cash-On-Delivery facility to your website. With this, you can add COD in the payment methods of PrestaShop One Page Checkout.

2.       Product Availability Check by Zipcode Plugin

Let your customers know if the product is available in your store for delivery at their location by adding the zip code. Check out the module here.

3.       PrestaShop Mobile Login module

Allows users to do a quick login using their mobile number. The contact verification is done by the OTP send vis SMS on customer’s number.

4.      PrestaShop Social Loginizer module

Customers can log in to your store with not just one social media platform but from any one of the 14 different choices. Have a look at the PrestaShop Social Login Module.

5.       Google reCaptcha PrestaShop module 

To prevent your site from bots and spammers, consider Google Recaptcha on your store. You can use it for the login page, registration page, contact page, if a customer forgets the password, on the checkout page, and for newsletter subscription.

6.       Store Locator and Pickup module

To offer BOPIS, we have developed the Store Locator and Pick Up module for the PrestaShop platform. It allows the customer to select a nearby store to collect the order. It has an inbuilt Google Map facility for navigation.

Why KnowBand?

KnowBand is a Gold Partner Agency of PrestaShop and has developed several eCommerce modules. We have international clients and we also deliver custom products. It also gained the superhero seller ranking on the Addon store.

Contact us at support@knowband.com for any custom website development and module development services.

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