How to integrate Google reCaptcha protection on your PrestaShop store?


Google reCaptcha technology has been one of the handiest means to prevent the sites from the robots and spam traffic. Instead of putting in fuzzy codes, clicking on a few images has been reinvented the method of spam detection. You should always have a Captcha type security on your store. It adds an extra layer of unbreakable protection for your website. Google has recently come up with a new update. As per the Google update,

Any calls to the v1 API will not work after March 31, 2018”. Starting in November 2017, a percentage of reCAPTCHA v1 users have been noticing information that the old API will soon be retired.

If your site still uses reCAPTCHA v1, you need to upgrade to reCAPTCHA v2 immediately. For the Prestashop eCommerce store owners, Knowband offers Prestashop Google reCaptcha addon. Prestashop Google reCaptcha module is designed to verify that the user is a human and not bot without getting them involved into the annoying codes. Prestashop Google reCaptcha extension is v2 compatible, thus, the eCommerce store owners can easily protect their site from spammers can bots.

Why should you use Prestashop Google reCaptcha module?

Before getting into the configuration part, let us first discuss why you should use this Prestashop addon.

  • The Google reCaptcha for Prestashop store is v2 compatible, thus, the users need not worry about the latest update of Google.
  • Google reCaptcha is an ultimate solution to prevent your PrestaShop site from spam, abuse, and other malicious attacks.
  • The admin can easily set the reCaptcha option on multiple web pages of the site.
  • The store admin can even change the look and feel of the Google reCaptcha.
  • The admin gets an option to enter custom CSS and JS code, in order to change the appearance of it’s UI.
  • The Prestashop Google reCaptcha v2 plugin is SSL compatible and easy-to-install and use.
  • Prestashop Google reCaptcha module allows the admin to choose the number of login trails before the reCaptcha will be displayed.

This article will guide you to integrate the very popular Prestashop Google reCaptcha on your PrestaShop store.

Adding Google reCaptcha v2 on a PrestaShop store

There are several ways to add Captcha Protection to your store. However, Google reCaptcha is one of the most user-friendly and secure captcha types that are used by the majority of websites today. Knowband’s Google reCaptcha module for Prestashop site offers an easy means to incorporate this security feature on the site. The store admin can set up the entire thing in a few simple steps without making any code changes.

The store admin is required to get Google Site Key and Secret Key for the reCaptcha setup.

How to get Google Site key and Secret key?

You can follow these steps to get the Site key and Secret key for entering in the ReCaptcha Settings tab of the module.

Step 1: Visit this link

Step 2: Click on Sign up button on the screen that opens from the link


Step 3: On the next page you will be asked to sign in to your Google account if you are not signed in already. Enter the account credentials and login to your Gmail account.

Step 4: Next, it will open the “Register a new site” interface if you have not already registered any other site previously.

Fill up the form as specified in the image below:

Register a new site form

Step 5: After Clicking on Register, you will be directed to a new page, where you can see your Site Key and Secret Key. Copy these keys.


Once the Site Key and Secret Key is retrieved, it is easy to add the security verification in the site.

We will use our PrestaShop Google reCaptcha module to do the integration without editing our PrestaShop codes. Messing with the core PrestaShop files could be dangerous, so we take the easy approach here.

Google Recaptcha

To add Google reCaptcha protection on your PrestaShop store using the Google reCaptcha module, please follow these steps:

Get and install the module

Step 1: Visit the Knowband site and purchase the PrestaShop Google reCaptcha module from there.

Step 2: After completing the purchase, visit your Knowband account and download the module’s zip file from the “My Downloads” section.

Step 3: Now, Login to your PrestaShop store as an Admin user. Using FTP or direct upload, install the module on your store.

Step 4: After successful installation, you will find the module listed in “Installed Modules ” section.


Step 5: Click on the “Configure” button at the right side of the module listing. It will open the module configuration interface.

Google reCaptcha

Module configuration

The configuration of this Prestashop addon is easy. The module configuration has three tabs namely- General Settings, ReCaptcha Settings, and Look and Feel settings.

Step 6: First of all, in General, Settings, check if the Prestashop Google reCaptcha extension is enabled or disabled. If it is disabled already, toggle the button to enable it.

Google reCaptcha

Step 7: Now, select the pages from the store where you want to show the Google reCaptcha. You have four major pages on your website where you should definitely use the reCaptcha.

Google reCaptcha

Step 8: Now, click on the “ReCaptcha Settings” tab. Here you will need to enter the Google Site key and Secret key to save and enable the Google ReCaptcha protection on your PrestaShop store.


Step 9: Paste the copied keys in the specified fields of the ReCaptcha Settings tab in Google reCaptcha module. Save the settings and you are done.

Step 10: The Prestashop Google reCaptcha v2 comes with a number of themes. The admin can select the one that matches his site theme.

That’s it. After entering and saving the Site key and Secret key, your store is ready with the Google reCaptcha protection. Clear the cache and open the customer login page, registration page etc, you will see the Google reCaptcha standing there and protecting your store.

Sign In Tab

Over to you

So, this is how you can enable the Google reCaptcha protection on your PrestaShop store without any hassle and mess with the core files. You also can try by yourself on the free demo of the Google reCaptcha module and see how it works. Here, you can also change the look and feel of the reCaptcha block right from the backend itself. Similarly, OpenCart Google reCaptcha plugin is available for OpenCart platforms as well.

Prestashop Google reCaptcha module – Module Link

Prestashop Google reCaptcha module – User Manual Link

Prestashop Google reCaptcha module – Front Demo

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