How to Increase PrestaShop Store Conversion?


Our daily lives now mostly revolve around e-commerce. Online retailers see a daily increase in customer purchases. Making an e-commerce site is no longer a challenging task because of the many shopping carts that are currently available on the market. The importance of gauging a site’s effectiveness is growing, meanwhile, as online retailers compete more fiercely. For any online business, the biggest challenge is to increase the conversion rate of their store.

This article has suggestions about Prestashop modules which are very helpful in increasing conversion. It is proven that the Prestashop plugin’s integration and usage when done correctly can bring out the best possible results. 

What is the Conversion Rate?

The percentage of visitors who click on your e-commerce website or landing page that converts or completes the desired activity is the e-commerce conversion rate. Conversion actions can be in several categories, such as clicking a link on your website, responding to a survey or form, adding products to an online shopping cart, subscribing to a service, or signing up for an email newsletter.

The portion of an organization’s online purchases that result in sales is the conversion rate percentage. Divide the total number of conversions by the total number of PrestaShop visitors for your e-commerce company, then multiply the result by 100 to find the conversion rate. You can substitute the visitor’s number for the average conversion rate when calculating the conversion rate.

Methods of Boosting the Conversion Rate of PrestaShop Store

Methods of Boosting the Conversion Rate of PrestaShop Store

1. Free Shipping

With every transaction, free shipping is a welcome bonus. According to studies, a major proportion of buyers select a delivery-only store. PrestaShop Free shipping is one of the best ways to boost your conversion rate. This is possible to accomplish by including the cost of delivery in the cost of the goods and by using various free shipping manager Prestashop plugins for the same. For example, free delivery on purchases over a certain amount is there to allow users to buy without hesitation. Customers will have the inspiration to shop on your website with that kind of approach. So, the free shipping manager plugin of Prestashop is very important for the store’s success.

2. Pop-ups

The eye-catching nature of pop-up windows tempts website users to click or take particular actions. It is a tool that is useful to increase the length of time visitors stay on a website. Moreover, it is very useful to offer discounts or free delivery for carrying out a small survey, and more. The Prestashop exit pop-up plugin window improvement is possible in terms of both appearance and content. Moreover, it serves as a subtle incentive for visitors to stay on the website. An exit pop-up overload on the website should not happen at all costs and should be there on the website to offer deals. Prestashop exit pop-up is best to increase the conversion of the store.

3. Checkout

 Increase PrestaShop Store Conversion- Checkout

An increase in conversion rates is possible with improvements to the checkout method and the avoidance of default lengthy checkouts. This will result in less cart abandonment and increased conversions. A checkout page should be user-friendly, responsive, and balanced in style and format. The Prestashop one-page checkout module is simple to sign up for and offers full layout customization. It is the best and most distinctive because it accepts a range of payment methods and shipping choices. The number of themes is compatible with the most recent version of the Prestashop One Page Checkout module. Single-Page Checkout of Prestashop speeds up the process, improving the checkout page. Some of the features of a successful checkout method are present below:

Quick Registration Using Social Media:

The new login fad is “social login,” which greatly boosts registrations. Facebook and Google are present as alternate social login options through the Prestashop one-page checkout plugin. While saving time, the store owner receives more complete information.

Guest Checkout:

knowband one page checkout features

This Prestashop one-page checkout module includes the Guest Checkout option. Thanks to this feature, customers won’t need to spend time filling out a lengthy registration form. Instead of leaving the cart empty if a consumer chooses not to sign in, they can finish a guest checkout. The customer can go to the checkout if they have previously registered with the store.

Display product information and update your basket:

The cart fields, like the checkout field, are customizable. With Prestashop’s one-page checkout, you can define which cart components you want customers to see. The administrator can remove the voucher entries from the Cart page. For example, there aren’t many fields that are readily visible to both registered users and visitors.

4. Gifting Free Goodies

Customers love to receive physical gifts, and if they are having them for free, it makes them come back for more. The gifts are for visitors after they purchase a certain fixed amount. The gifting feature of the Prestashop gift the product plugin is very useful for such instances, as it provides gifts depending on various conditions. The e-commerce admin users can set up the Prestashop gift product module for the enhancement of conversion rates. It is duly noticed that if users see gifts are on sale, then they tend to purchase that amount. Implementing the Prestashop Free goodies addon is one of the best conversion-boosting ideas for implementing in eCommerce stores.

Wrapping It Up

In this article, we discussed how to increase eCommerce store conversions. We have other tested methods for boosting conversions on eCommerce sites using Prestashop plugins. Furthermore, if you have an interest in learning more methods, please connect with us at Kindly let us know if you need any custom developments for your business or related to our Prestashop modules. We are here to assist you with any concerns or issues related to our Prestashop modules.


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