Best Tips To Customize A PrestaShop Website


Selling products on an eCommerce website rely on the presentation & personalization of the products. In simple words, the functionalities, products, features, etc. should be matching to front-end client requirements. PrestaShop online store customization is all about adding new features and functionalities. While doing so, you must be taking some precautionary measures which will help in branding a unique image to the website without cluttering in any possible way.

The majority of the PrestaShop e-retailers happen to make at least some sort of custom change in their e-store. This is, in fact, a necessity for e-businesses to have a distinctive & unique touch to their eCommerce website. Most businesses opt for this to keep the look & feel of their website in-line with their own unique theme of their business. These customizations not only enhance the graphical design of a website but also contribute to adding more functionalities & improve the shopping experience.

Here are few such factors discussed below that can help you with customizing your eCommerce PrestaShop website.

#1. Customization Using Hooks:

Hooks are basically images that can be used for displaying informative images & also act like CTA sources. We can categorize them into two basic options:

A) Action Hooks:

These hooks are clickable & hence can be used to redirect the site visitor to a relevant page. These kinds of hooks require strategic configuration as their CTR would influence more engagement and sales.

B) Display Hooks:

These hooks are plain images simply for the purpose of displaying various things. Some common areas where hooks are placed:

a) Multiple positions on the homepage.
c) Left/ Right-aligned hooks.
d) Footer’s bottom area.

#2. PrestaShop HomePage Customization:


Generally, on the home-page, the area ‘above the fold’ is what gets the first view on a website. Similar to newspapers, websites also have the most important news highlights on the top half of their home page, such an approach to design & customize the PrestaShop homepage helps to engage customers in a more productive way. Some of the home-page designs that can be customized include:

● Sticky Navigation Menu/ Bar with Company Logo, Signup link, search box, etc.
● Slider Images with hyperlinks to relevant topics.
● Banner Images of selected categories of the products being sold on the e-store.
● Hyperlinked Infographic for sale, lotteries, offers, coupons, time-based flash-sale, new arrivals, brand launches.
● Widgets/ add-ons for social accounts like a Facebook block with like/share/follow buttons.
● Static/ dynamic chatbots.
● Gamified CTA (Call to Action) like ‘spin & win’ discount wheels or gamified newsletter/ notification subscriptions.
● Banners for top-seller/ top-brand.
By now, you would have probably realized how these additions would not only make such an e-store stand out for looks & functionalities but also serve the purpose of growing conversions.

A lot of these modifications can be made using the PrestaShop Modules. And because PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce platform even more edits can be made by manually coding the required functionalities. So the eCommerce businesses on PrestaShop automatically get an additional advantage here to build their site according to their own unique business needs.


The footer of the PrestaShop website enables the e-store admins to showcase various widgets & functionalities. Some can be added via PrestaShop Add-on Modules while some come pre-installed. Even more, can be added via coding or customization.

Footer, for all the webpages, is mostly kept common. So, it is crucial to have all the important things available in it. It offers instant access to your customers for all necessary links & information no matter where they’re displayed on the Prestashop website.

Few common footer customizations are listed below:
● Newsletter Signup Segment
● Social Channel Icons
● Sitemap (HTML Sitemap)
● Company Certifications & Payment Methods
● Quick Navigation Links
● Sign-in /Sign-up Links / ‘My Account’ section
● Contact details of the Company

#4. Other Customizations:

A) CMS Icons:

To display extra information about your PrestaShop store such as payment options, refund policies, etc, admin can use the CMS icons. Clicking them takes the user to the relevant page.

B) Top Side Banner:

This is a default feature that admins can enable/disable. This adds a thin banner on the extreme top of the page with the purpose to show the special offers, discounts, limited-time shipping, etc.

With these icons, your e-shoppers can share the link of their choice of products with their friends, family & acquaintances. Prefer to add the links for Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp, etc.



As they say, often little things make the biggest impact. Adding more customized functionalities to your store would help in the growth of the business. These just are a few examples of how PrestaShop Customization can be utilized. Apart from these, there are unlimited numbers of customizations that can be implemented. Feel free to discuss with us on and get a quote for the required customizations.

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