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5 Prestashop Modules to Accelerate the Conversion Rate of your Prestashop Store

Are you pissed of with the low conversion rate of the website? Every eCommerce store owners aims at increasing their conversion rate. Their main motive should be boost the user experience at each step in the conversion funnel, so that, the store visitors are constantly motivated to place their order. Optimizing the product page, landing pages of the website is a must when it comes to customer retention. Additionally, the e-merchants should stay in touch with other technological advancement, market trends in order to amp-up the user engagement.

boost the conversion rate

If you own a Prestashop-based eCommerce site and are struggling with the problem of low conversion, then, this write-up may help you out. There are lots of addon available for Prestashop which can make your website interactive and can help you to increase the conversion rate. Here I am sharing a few Prestashop addons which might enhance the shopping experience of the customers and boost the conversion rate of your store.

How to convert your site visitors into buyers?

If your customers are leaving the store after adding the products to the cart because of some reasons, then, you need to deal with the cart abandonment. In order to bring back the customer to your store, Knowband offers Prestashop abandoned cart extension.

Improve sales

Prestashop Abandoned cart addon provides an easy-to-understand interface to the store admin in order to track abandoned carts on their site. The plugin lists out the cart details of the store visitors who have left products in their cart. With the automated approach of the Prestashop abandoned cart extension, the admin can send serial reminders to those customers with discounts and other offers. The constant reminder might compel them to return back to the store and place the order. The readymade email templates makes it easier for the e-marketers to send follow up emails. The Prestashop Abandoned cart recovery addon module also tracks customers language and send personalized follow-up emails with their full name in their own language.


How to engage the site visitors?

There are times when the customer land on your website, but leave the site without buying anything. Dealing with the bounce and exit rate of the site is another issue that might take a toll on your store’s conversion. This can be handled by boosting the user engagement and giving them compelling reasons to stay. To increase the interaction between the customer and you store you may try Prestashop exit popups addon.

abandoned cart

Prestashop exit intent popup extension displays an interactive subscription popup every time the customer intends to exit the site. This is done by tracking the mouse movement of the visitor. The conventional exit popup enables the admin to offer discounts to the store visitor just when they intend to exit. Thus, the visitors might reconsider their exit. Additionally, the shoppers are required enter their email IDs in order to claim the discounts. This increases the email base of the site. The Prestashop exit intent email subscription extension offers MailChimp Integration as well that makes email marketing effortless. The store admin can design the exit popup to match the website’s theme by adding custom background image and custom CSS and JS codes.

Upselling and cross selling is another easy way to motivate the customers to buy more. Suggest similar and related products to the customers at the product page itself. For this Knowband offers Prestashop Automatic Related Products Addon.

show related products to the customers

Prestashop Automatic Related Product Module helps the store owner to set related products which will help the store owner to increase the average cart value of an individual purchase on your store.

How to intimate your customer about the update?

At times the customer is ready to purchase the product, but the product is either out of stock or the rate is too high for the customer. This may lose you some easy conversions. How will your customer will able to get the update that the product is restocked and available with discount on it? Knowband’s Prestashop Product update notification addon is the solution.


The customers can subscribe for an email notification regarding a particular product’s inventory or price change. This Prestashop Product update notification extension then lists out the subscription and enable the store admin to send the mails to the subscribed customer when there wish list in restocked. The Prestashop module automatically sends an email to the subscribed customers when the product is back-in-stock or its price is changed.

How to redirect your customer to your website?

Some times, the customers likes a product, but it is not in stock. You may update the inventory later, but how will your customer will be able to know about the update?


Prestashop Back in Stock Notification addon sends a reminder email to the subscribed customer. As soon as the product is restocked, this addon sends the mail and the customer once again land up to your website. With the help of this Prestashop back in stock notification plugin, the customers can subscribe to back-in-stock email alert on out-of-stock products. When the product is available the module automatically sends the mail to the customer.

customer engagement

Above mentioned Prestashop addon will not only help in increasing the conversion rate, but also makes the website look and feel attractive as well as user friendly. So, optimize your website with these quickfire addon and boost the site’s conversion.

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