How to take RDP of the server from MAC machine?

Follow these steps to take RDP of the server from MAC machine.


STEP 1: Click on DOCK and select APP Store.

App store

STEP 2: Type “Microsoft Remote Desktop” in search box.

Search Microsoft Remote Desktop(RDP)

STEP 3: After Searching, need to install the software “Microsoft Remote Desktop”.

install Microsoft Remote Desktop(RDP)


STEP 4: Open and Click on “NEW+” and fill the connection details and close the window.

Click on “NEW+"

STEP 5: Select the created connection “Darveys Remote”.

Darveys Remote(RDP)

STEP 6:  Remote connection is connecting to RDP.

connect to RDP

STEP 7: Remote Connection is connected.

Remote Connection(RDP)

Bipin Kumar

Bipin Kumar

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