Reduce Abandoned Cart Rate with OpenCart Abandoned Cart Extension

“Due to higher abandonment rates, websites loose quite huge revenue on a regular basis. High shipping costs, product unavailability, payment security concerns etc can be some of the defined reasons people abandon their shopping cart. Well, there are multiple ways you can implement to bring abandoners back to your site but the one which is discussed here will work superfast to help recover abandoned carts. What if you get an opportunity to communicate with your customers just to remind them to complete their purchase. Will it work? Yes or No..? Okay, so to find answer shall we proceed?

OpenCart Abandoned Cart Plugin functions to help you recover abandoned cart issues by sending email reminders to customers who abandoned their shopping carts for one or the other reason.

Why You Should Install OpenCart Abandoned Cart?

For Increasing Conversions

Abandoned cart reminder emails help capture the lost sales by allowing web store owners to re-target their customers. A reminder mail can be sent to the customer that will have information related to pending orders. Regardless of the reason why your shopper left the cart abandoned, you probably have some time to get him/her back. Therefore, your first email must be sent within an hour of cart abandonment.

For retaining/pulling back customers

OpenCart Abandoned Cart plugin gives you an option to design your own email template. While designing templates, you need to be as descriptive as possible in providing order details. Make sure to include the item, name, description, price, link as well as image for products that remained behind while abandoning the cart.

Increase customer retention by offering tempting discounts

This extension allows store owners to customize email templates by providing discounts on certain purchase. This plugin comes with features to add customized variables like discounts. People love discounts and if you sent emails that notifies them of attractive offers, it is likely that customers will definitely return for completing their purchase.


OpenCart Abandoned Cart allows you to customize your emails based on the relevant choice of shopper. By sending such personalized mails, you remind customers of what they were doing, bringing your brand back to their mind. For doing so, you can attach product images along with text and description with links back to see product on your site.

Reducing cart abandonment rate is one of the popular ways to recover lost revenue and maximize customer retention for your eCommerce store. So, install this plugin and convert your abandoned carts into customers via a single email notification.

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