Control your falling product sales and conversion rates with this Opencart Abandoned Cart Plugin

There is no such hard and fast rule to achieve cent percent relief from the shopping cart abandonments on your e- commerce site but you can certainly tone down those huge numbers of shopping cart abandonments so as to improve your business fortunes. Shopping cart abandonments if left untackled can be a severe blow to your conversion rates and product sales. Further, it can also affect the online reputation and image of your e- commerce organization to a great extent. In order to persuade your customers to complete their pending shopping carts, you can avail the brilliant services and features of this OpenCart e- commerce extension known as OpenCart Abandoned Cart. Some of the features that can explain the benefits of having this OpenCart module on your e- commerce site are as follows:

Easy recovery of the abandoned shopping cart

There is a higher probability that your abandoned customers will return to your e- commerce site for completing their pending orders if they can easily recover their abandoned shopping carts. Thanks to this module, this complex task has become simplified with the help of a single click shopping cart recovery which is sent through the email notification. Due to this quick recovery, abandoned customers are more than willing to complete their pending shopping cart orders.

Allows easy maintenance of the shopping cart items

With the help of this OpenCart module, customers can get direct access to the product page of their e- commerce site so as to make faster and quicker changes in their abandoned shopping carts. Customers can easily add/remove any product, increase/decrease the quantity of each shopping cart or other such desired changes in their abandoned shopping carts through this plugin before proceeding finally towards the checkout process.

Provides store admin information about the abandoned orders and order number

Having information before hand about the abandoned orders and order number can help your e- commerce organization to target those abandoned customers more effectively so as to increase your conversion rates and product sales. Now, this module has made this crucial task much easier by providing store admin the complete information about abandoned orders and order number so that those customers can be retargeted and persuaded by your business organization again to complete their pending shopping orders.

Helps in the customization of the email templates

Customized email messages referring to a particular customer is seen to be most effective in driving back that abandoned customers towards your e- commerce store. This OpenCart extension provides facility to store admin to customize their email messages according to their business and customer requirements. They can easily make desired changes in the customer name, product information, discount and shopping offers of their reminder emails so as to be sent to their abandoned customers. Further, you can also create other email templates that can be sent to your targeted customers on a regular time interval.

Provide power to admin to decide the abandon time of the shopping cart along with the delay time of the reminder emails

It is important to set a time deadline upto which a shopping cart can be recovered by the customers so as to prevent the long term hold of the pending shopping carts. With this plugin, store admin can now easily set the specified time after which the shopping carts will be declared as abandoned and customers will not be able to recover them back. Similarly, they can also set the dealy time for their reminder emails so that their emails regarding the information of abandoned carts reach to their customers after a period of time so as not to frustrate the customers with continuous reminder email messages.

It can be understood that shopping cart abandonment is a serious issue which needs to be tackled with sincere efforts so as to avoid the long term damage to the social reputation and image of your e- commerce organization. Now, deal with this menace strongly by availing the services of our wonderful OpenCart plugin through our e- commerce store, and make new additions into your existing customer base.

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