Claim your Abandoned Customers and Product Sales with this Top Class Opencart Module

You don’t need to scratch your head thinking about the possible ways to bring back your abandoned customers nor do you need to expect for a miracle for getting back those lost customers as you can now avail the wonderful services of our OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension to limit the extent of damage incurred due to abandoned shopping carts. This extension has encouraged numerous people to complete their pending shopping carts and has surged the conversion rates to a great height making it as one of the top OpenCart modules among its other competitors. Here are some of its salient features that has placed it as one of the most favored choice for various e- commerce organizations for reclaiming their abandoned shopping carts.

Provides freedom to site admin for checking the performance of module

One of the important feature of this OpenCart extension is that it provides an easy mechanism to the site admin to analyze the performance of this module regarding conversion of the abandoned shopping carts. It provides a clear idea about how many shopping carts have actually been converted through the completion of the payment process of the pending shopping carts by abandoned customers.

Allow store owners flexibility to create their own customized email templates

With the help of top end features of this module, store owners now enjoy the flexibility to create customized email templates for their abandoned customers so as to persuade them to complete their pending shopping carts through regular time interval email messages. But, with this customized email templates, store owners can target their customers in a more effective manner using customer name, product information, eligible discount and shopping offers so that these abandoned customers can be tempted again to complete their pending shopping orders. Moreover, it has been observed that personalized messages do have a stronger impact on the minds of the customers and can make them complete their pending shopping orders by realizing them that they are an important part of your overall business activity.

Automatic handling of the email notifications

This OpenCart extension has an effective inbuilt email notification system that alerts abandoned customers about their pending shopping carts so that they can complete their pending orders at a suitable time later on. However, what is more amazing is the automatic email notification handling of this extension which stops sending email notifications to the targeted customers as soon as the customer completes a pending shopping order.

Helps in tackling the issue of abandoned carts in order to improve your conversion rates

With the help of the numerous wonderful features of this e- commerce module, business organization can reduce their abandoned shopping carts drastically by targeting their abandoned customers in a more focused manner. Due to its effectiveness against abandoned shopping cart retention, this OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension has carved out a niche place for itself among several e- commerce modules.

Provide added advantage to store owners by providing information about guest shoppers

This extension is not only effective against regular customers but can play a key role in the case of guest customers also. Now, store owners can get complete information about the abandoned shopping carts by the guest customers which allow them to target these guest customers through email notifications and can persuade them to complete their pending shopping orders thereby improving their overall conversion rates.

So, you don’t have to worry about those abandoned shopping carts as you can now have an effective second chance to tempt your abandoned customers for completing their earlier pending shopping orders. Don’t ignore those increasing abandoned shopping carts and take an effective action against them by purchasing this Opencart Abandoned Cart extension from our e- commerce site, and set your sales counter ringing again.

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