Two Effective Modules to Keep Away Spammers and Bots from PrestaShop store


As many as 200 million Captcha tests are estimated to be performed online every day. Nearly half (43 percent) of all UK organizations have reported cybersecurity breaches or attacks in the last 12 months, according to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey. Such data breaches have resulted in missing files, corruption of devices, processes, or websites, and even loss of properties or intellectual property.

In the year 2020, many CMS platforms were attacked by ‘KashmirBlack’ and it camouflaged itself very well and stays undetected. This can happen any time and many websites face this fake bots issue every day. If you do not have a Google reCaptcha test and Spam blocker on your PrestaShop website, here’s what you need to know about them and how your company or blog will benefit from them. 

Spammers generally add fake comments on your website and you may observe fake registrations. We present two modules that could prove to be efficient in blocking bots and spammers from accessing your website and doing malicious activities to help you get rid of spammers.

How to Prevent PrestaShop website from Spammers and Bots? 

To save your website from spammers and bots, we have two modules that can help you deal with this. Let’s dive into it.


  • PrestaShop Google reCaptcha 

The easiest way to fight fake registrations on your website is PrestaShop Google reCaptcha.   It applies to your website a protection layer. Google reCaptcha can be enabled on the following pages of your website. 

  1. Customer Registration Page 
  2. Login Page
  3. Contact Page
  4. Forget Password Page
  5. Supercheckout Page
  6. Newsletter subscription

You may define the reCaptcha for each page accordingly: v2 reCaptcha or v3 reCaptcha. These are the two available options and these can be used as per your need. 

The old reCaptcha, i.e. v2, is a basic version that shows the “I am not a robot” checkbox that enables individuals to go through that specific page quickly. While the v3 reCaptcha uses machine learning and advanced risk analysis to recognize human bots. It works with all the PrestaShop themes. 

Save yourself from transaction frauds: Along with this, the Google reCaptcha is also compatible with Knowband’s PrestaShop One Page Checkout. It is the most effective way to prevent your store from transaction fraud.

Click on the links to take the admin demo and front-end demo tour of PrestaShop Google reCaptcha Module. 

Do not let the spammers affect your business!

  • PrestaShop Bot and Spam Blocker

Fed up with the bot registrations and fake sign-ups! 

The PrestaShop Spam Blocker Module allows you to block the visitor by tracking the IP address, country (location), or user agent. 


It is simple to block the IP addresses that look fishy or you find suspicious. It also allows to input several IPs. altogether. Or, instead of blocking, you can allow your PrestaShop store to access only that IPs.

Similarly, you can position countries in the block list if you are witnessing a high amount of spam traffic from a particular location.

The next functionality it offers is to block spammers/bots from a particular user-agent landing on your website.

Sometimes it may happen that you are blocking a genuine person. In that case, it is possible for the customer to communicate with the website owner and ask them to undo it.

Also, if you want to exclude a country or a region from providing your services, you can make that happen. The blocker allows blocking the region where you are not delivering or selling your products.

The admin will monitor the back-end requests and make the decision accordingly.

Install Spam and Bot Blocker module on your PrestaShop store. Explore the Admin Panel and Front-end demo of the Bot and Spam Blocker module on the KnowBand store. 


Final Words

This tough fight between the website owners and the spammers will never end. Spammers will continue to spam to spoil your business. The Google reCaptcha and PrestaShop Bot and Spam Blocker will be extremely beneficial to get rid of spammers and bots on your website. 

For any query related to PrestaShop modules, you can drop us a comment or write us at  

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