OpenCart Block Bot/User by IP, Country or User Agent Extension – User Manual

1.0 Introduction

If you own an eCommerce store, it is surely at risk of threats and dangers. The Internet space is full of automated programs referred to as bots, which may be good or bad. The bad or malicious bots are designed to perform repetitive tasks at high speed which reduces the loading speed of your website. In order to safeguard your online store from vulnerable threats and spam users, OpenCart Block Bot module from Knowband offers a spam blocker solution that allows the e-merchant to ban specific IP, country or user-agent. This anti-bot solution provided by OpenCart Block User Extension is a smart way to prevent the access of malicious users on the website and thereby improving the shopping experience of the genuine users of the store. OpenCart Spam Blocker module offers you great flexibility to intelligently filter out the suspected bot traffic on the store. Hence eliminating the chances of unwanted threats and spams on the store.

1.1 Striking Features of Spam Block Bot Extension for OpenCart

1. OpenCart Block User extension offers an effortless means to restrict the entry of the suspected users/bots based on their IP, country or user-agent.

2. IP Spam Blocker for OpenCart bans the unwanted traffic on the website and thus helps to maintain spam free traffic from the genuine users of the store.

3. The unblocking option eases the admin in getting back their real customers who are mistakenly blocked from accessing the website.

4. OpenCart Spam IP Blocker module gives flexibility to e-merchants in showing a custom block message to the frontend customers.

5. The multiple types of blocking options allow admin to block fraudulent orders and spam requests on their store from a specific IP or particular country.

6. OpenCart Blocker stops the malicious bots from unnecessarily crawling your website.

7. Blocking functionality of OpenCart Spam IP Blocker helps to safeguard your site from unauthorized users and their malicious content.

8. Opencart Blocker considerable improves the website loading speed by eliminating the irrelevant traffic through bad bots or users.

9. This anti-bot solution from OpenCart Block User module prevents harmful bots from running your website.

10. By implementing the Block Bot extension for your OpenCart store, you can prevent the data attacks and thereby ensure the privacy and confidentiality of customer information.

11. This Blocker module supports multiple languages which add to ultimate user experience.

12. OpenCart Block Bot by IP module helps to reduce server loads and bandwidth costs.

13. Block spam traffic by malicious bots and enhance the user shopping experience using this OpenCart Block User/bot by IP, Country or User Agent extension.

2.0 Installation Guide of OpenCart Block Bot module

Before starting the installation process, you have to buy the OpenCart Blocker extension from the Knowband store. Once purchased, you will receive the following files on your registered email.

  • Source code file of OpenCart Block Bot module in zipped file format.
  • User Manual of OpenCart IP Spam Blocker Extension

Now in order to install OpenCart Block Bot module for your website, follow the given steps:

1. Unzip the zip file. You will get the folders as shown in the image below

2. Copy all the folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of OpenCart setup via FTP manager.

So, OpenCart Spam Blocker extension is now successfully installed and is ready to use at your store. Go to the admin menu and click on the extensions and thereby click on configure button next to Blocker.

3.0 Admin Interface of OpenCart Block Bot module

Just after successful installation of OpenCart spam blocker module on your website, you can configure the blocker settings as per your requirements. Navigate the settings in the given order: Admin Panel > System > Knowband Extensions > Blocker
The simple to understand admin interface of OpenCart Blocker extension is divided into six sections namely:

1.Module Configuration
2.Block by IP Address
3.Block by Country
4.Block by User Agent
5.Blocker Customer Request
6.Allowed IP

Each of these sections have been discussed in detail below.

3.1 Module Configurations

  • Under this tab of OpenCart block Bot by IP module, you can modify the following listed basic settings.
  • Status: This option of Blocker extension allows you to enable or disable the blocker functionality for their store.
  • Display Custom Message: You can enable or disable the block message shown on the frontend to the banned users.
  • Custom Message: This option lets you set a specific block message for the front end users. You can set this custom message in French language also.
  • Include Header/Footer on Page: You can enable or disable this option. If enabled then the header footer content is shown on the frontend to blocked users.
  • Email Notification: You can enable or disable the notification for customer unblocking requests.
  • Mail Subject: This option sets the mail subject line which is shown as a notification email subject when the user sends an unblocking request to the store owner. This mail subject can also be specified in French language.

After all the settings of OpenCart Blocker are done, click on the “Save” button shown at the top right corner of admin panel to save the module settings.

3.2 Block by IP Address


As shown in the above screen image, the admin can easily view, manage and delete the various IP based banishment from the back-office.

If the admin wants to create a new IP ban, they can create by simply specifying the IP address and marking its status as enabled.

3.3 Block by Country

If the admin wants to restrict complete users of a particular country, then they can block it under the Block by Country section of the admin interface.
They have to simply select the desired countries and mark their block status as enabled.



3.4 Block by User Agent

To ban or restrict the users coming through a particular user agent like Mozilla or Chrome, ban the specific user-agent under the Block by User Agent section of backend.


3.5 Blocked Customer Request


You can view and manage the unblocking request by different customers of the store along with their details like Email ID, message, IP address, country and request date. If you find the customer is genuine, you can unblock them easily from the backend.

3.6 Allowed IP

If required, you can explicitly specify the particular IP to which you want to give access to the website. These can be edited or deleted as required.

4.0 Front Interface of OpenCart Spam Blocker Module

As the visitor enters to the store, they will see a block error message on their frontend. The user might be blocked based on IP, country or user-agent. If allowed by the admin, they can only see relevant header and footer information on their screen. The banned users of the store are allowed to send a unblocking request to the store merchant. If there request is approved by the admin, they can see the website content else they are totally restricted to access the site services.

The block interface takes the email ID and unblock message from the banned user of the store and shows the acknowledgment message as shown in the image below.


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