OpenCart SEO Redirect Extension | User Manual

1.0 Introduction

It is always desired to keep better quality content and human-readable keywords in order to target high traffic to your website. So, the very first thing you need to make sure that your website shop is more SEO Friendly by rewriting the incorrect website URLs and making your website pages more searchable, using Knowband’s OpenCart SEO Redirect module. This module also provides redirect URL features for your website shop and you can implement any redirection like 301, 302 and 303 type. Redirect feature informs the customer’s browser that the page is moved and it will automatically switch to a new page of your choice.

1.1 Striking Features of OpenCart SEO Friendly URL Extension

  • OpenCart SEO Friendly URL extension helps to convert default URLs into SEO friendly URL.
  • OpenCart URL Redirect module automatically fetches all the duplicate URLs at your store which can modified or removed as per business needs.
  • With the OpenCart Rewrite URL module, you can redirect the old URLs into new URLs using 3 redirection choices as 301, 302 and 303 redirect type.
  • OpenCart SEO Redirect module helps to restructure your store by reforming incorrect store links of product pages and categories.
  • OpenCart URL Redirect module helps in improving website SEO in Google search results.
  • OpenCart Friendly URL Module is multi-store and multi-lingual compatible.
  • OpenCart SEO Optimizer offers an easy to use backend which requires no coding skills for configuring module settings.
  • OpenCart URL Redirect module allows changing all the known SEO URLs into SEO URLs.
  • OpenCart 301/302/303 Redirect Module allows you to redirect the non HTTPS URL to the HTTPS URL.
  • You can enable or disable the complete functionality of the OpenCart URL Redirect module on a single button click at the backend.
  • OpenCart 301/302/303 Redirect Module allows you to create N number of redirects for your store corresponding to different redirection type.

2.0 Installation Guide of OpenCart SEO Redirect Module

Before starting the installation process, you have to buy the OpenCart SEO Redirect module from the Knowband store. Once purchased, you will receive the following files on your registered email.

  • Source code of OpenCart SEO Redirect in zipped file format
  • User Manual of OpenCart SEO Redirects extension.

Now in order to install this SEO Redirect on your website, follow the given steps:

1. Unzip the zip file. You will get the folders as shown in the image below:

OpenCart SEO Redirect

2. Copy all the folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of OpenCart setup via FTP manager.

Steps to install Ocmod file using Extension Installer (for v2.3)
1. Open the Extension Installer window from the admin panel.

OpenCart SEO Redirect

2. Click on Upload button to browse and upload the install.ocmod.xml file.
3. Once uploaded, you will see a success message on your screen as shown below.

OpenCart SEO Redirect

4. Next, go to Modifications tab and click on the Refresh button at the top right side of screen.

OpenCart SEO Redirect

5. Now, scroll down the screen and you will find the SEO redirect module is installed as shown below.

OpenCart SEO Redirect
1. Allow read-write permission to the “kbseoredirection” folder located on the following path: system\storage\download\kbseoredirection
2. For v3.x, you will find an installation file and folder structure as shown below:

OpenCart SEO Redirect

While installing the file, you will see the following image:

OpenCart SEO Redirect
So, OpenCart SEO Optimizer is now installed and is ready to use at your store. Go to the admin menu and click on the extensions. Then, click on Modules and thereby click on Edit button next to Knowband SEO Redirect.

3.0 Admin Interface of OpenCart URL Redirect module

After the successful installation of OpenCart URL Redirect module for your website, you can create as many 404 redirection for your store including 301, 302 and 303. Additionally, OpenCart 404 Redirect plugin eases you in converting the default URL structure at your store into a clean and SEO friendly URLs.
Simply, navigate the settings in the given order: Admin Panel > Extensions > Modules > Knowband SEO Redirect.

OpenCart SEO Redirect

OpenCart SEO Redirect
The simple to understand admin interface of OpenCart SEO Friendly URL extension is divided into three sections as:

1. General Settings
2. Duplicate URLs
3. 404 Redirects
4. URL Redirects
5. Non SEO URLs

3.1 General Settings

OpenCart SEO Redirect

  • Status: This option will enable or disable the complete functionality of URL Redirect for OpenCart store.
  • Redirect Non HTTPS URL to HTTPS: By enabling this option, the non https URL will be automatically redirected to https URL. But if this setting is disabled, the non https URL will remain unsecured.
  • Redirect Non SEO URL to SEO URL: By enabling this option, the non SEO URL can be converted to SEO URL.

3.2 Duplicate URLs

OpenCart SEO Redirect

OpenCart URL Redirect module fetches all the duplicate URLs at your store and lists them under this Duplicate URL section. Here, you can simply rewrite any duplicate URL and change it into a new SEO friendly URL by adding an appropriate keyword.
Click on “Edit Rewrite” button corresponding to a URL and you can update the URL as shown below:


The duplicate URL you rewrite and update is automatically removed from the list. This way, you can change all the duplicate URLs into a unique or SEO friendly URL.

3.3 404 Redirects


From this section of OpenCart 301/302/303 Redirect Module, you can check the list of 404 redirects. You can find all the redirect 404 URL along with an option to “Edit Redirect” or “Delete Redirect”. Also, you can check the hit count corresponding to a specific wrong URL.
You can edit any wrong redirect with the options given below:

  • Status: This option enables or disables the specific 404 redirect.
  • Old URL: This field specifies the incorrect or wrong URL redirecting to 404 page.
  • New URL: With this field, you can specify the new URL to which you want to redirect the old URL.
  • Redirect Type: This option allows you to set the redirection type as 301, 302, and 303.

3.4 URL Redirects


From this section, you can view and manage all the SEO redirects at your store. These redirects can be edited or deleted by clicking on the “Edit” or “Delete” button.

You can add a new redirect or you can modify the existing redirection using the “Edit” or “Delete” button.
Editing an existing Redirect


Bulk Upload


3.5 Non SEO URLs


OpenCart SEO Redirect module provides a detailed interface to check the non SEO URLs at your store. You can easily edit the existing redirection or can add a new redirection for your store.

For more details about this OpenCart 301/302/303 Redirect Module, visit here:

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OpenCart Clean URL module Admin Demo Link

OpenCart Fixed Duplicate URL extension Front-Demo Link

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