OpenCart Progressive Web Application (PWA) Extension for your eCommerce Store


The Progressive Web Applications turn your regular website into a fast-loading web app that behaves like a mobile application in a browser. The OpenCart Progressive Web Application extension is integrated with all the needful features and converts your website into a dynamic PWA. The Progressive Web Application extension will give your eCommerce customer a feel of using a mobile application when they are actually using the internet browser.

Why is PWA important for an eCommerce website? There are many famous brands like Starbucks, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, Trivago, Jumia, etc. have seen tremendous growth in customer engagement and conversion rate after launching PWAs. The PWAs are highly reliable and provide customers a smooth user experience.

The PWA technology is not very old but the term was coined by Google in 2015 and then many followed it as it showed positive results in many ways. The OpenCart PWA extension has various features and those will benefit the store owners in various ways.

Some of the features and benefits are discussed in this article. Let’s look at it in depth.

The OpenCart Progressive Web Application

To offer an app-like experience to consumers, a Progressive Web App (PWA) uses modern web technologies.

Our OpenCart Progressive Web Application gives the impression of a native app that keeps them engaged and enhances the overall user experience. It supports push notification very well which improves the accessibility of your website further.

Why is PWA a must-have extension for the OpenCart store?

If you want to provide your visitors with an app-like experience on the mobile web, well then OpenCart Progressive Web App (PWA) is the best solution for your needs.

  • The Progressive Web App supports push notification that improves the conversion rate.
  • PWAs are fast loading that keeps the user engaged and reduces the bounce rate
  • Offline support: They work well in poor network connectivity and even in offline mode(uses cache)
  • These are cost-effective because it saves the cost you require to create a native app
  • PWAs are highly reliable and engaging
  • The OpenCart PWA is a top-notch option for you because it does not require to be uploaded on Apple & Google Play stores.
  • Gadget Friendly: OpenCartProgressive Web Application works well on all mobile devices.
  • It occupies low storage& hardly faces any crash or lag.

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How does an OpenCart Progressive Web App (PWA) extension works?

This OpenCart Progressive App (PWA) is just like every other OpenCart extension. When this extension is installed on an open cart website, it creates a customizable PWA derived from the website’s data.


There is a real-time synchronization maintained between both, the website and the PWA.

1.     PWA allows you to customize and configure the UI of the OpenCart store

To manage the PWA user interface, you need not to a professional coder. It is that simple to customize and configure. The OpenCart store owners can select & customize their application name, app icon, logo, splash screen, font styles, etc.

On mobile browser, website users can connect your OpenCart PWA App to their devices’ home screen. Get full power over your app from the extension’s backend panel that to over a few clicks and button toggles.

The appearance of the store will be inspired by the theme and the domain name as you desire it to be.

2.     Supported by Push notifications that improve conversion

For eCommerce mobile apps, push notifications are a benefit driver, if used wisely. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App also helps you to directly give your app users personalized push notifications on their smartphones. The store admin can also schedule the updates listed below from the admin panel:

  • Notification for a successful order
  • Order status updates
  • Follow up notification for abandoned cart

3.     Real-time order status handling

In the OpenCart Progressive Web Application, the order status is changed in real-time. Users of the app will be able to keep eye on the fulfillment of successful orders. The order details remain in sync with the shop.

4.     It is now easy to manage the inventory

The entire inventory of the website will be in automatic synchronization to the app. Also, manual control is not required when it comes to the inventory of apps. Any updates or new additions to the software will also be modified only by refreshing them.

5.     Do branding and marketing effortlessly

If PWA is installed in your OpenCart store, you will be benefited from its handy promotional tools that help you with marketing and running deals in your store. It is a cost-effective extension because you don’t need any extra modules for running deals in your store.

Campaigns & Promotions for Sale

To raise sales you can run different promotional selling deals. Using the home-intuitive screen’s campaign graphics and promote further purchases for users. The admin can also run a flash sale based on a timer and create an emergency for quick purchases.

Works well with other coupons and deals running in store

The PWA app also works for all coupons & vouchers activated on your OpenCart website. It will provide Progressive Web App users with the same discount coupons and vouchers as website users.

Allows Product Sharing on Social Media

A customer believes the other customers. The OpenCart Progressive Web App allows app users to share their choice of beneficial products on various social media with their friends and relatives and inspire them to buy products.

Give your OpenCart customers a seamless shopping experience

Every store owner is looking for the right strategies to provide a better customer experience to their existing and new customers. The PWA has some advanced features that effectively provide a unique and great customer experience.

PWA gives seamless experience

#1- Works well in flaky network

Even with a sluggish & no Internet connection, this OpenCart PWA App will work. Any time they want to search for items or shortlist them, users would not have to wait for good internet connectivity. Not magic though! This happens because of the saved cache files.

#2- Supports multiple payment methods

On your OpenCart PWA app, all the payment options available on your OpenCart website will be active as well. This plugin for the app creator synchronizes all the web-view payment methods.

#3- You can add several shipping methods

On your PWA app, any kind of shipping method active in your OpenCart store also works flawlessly. The OpenCart Progressive Web App means that the shipment & distribution of goods can be managed easily by the users.

#4- One-Page Checkout reduces bounce rate ad cart abandonment

Additionally, the OpenCart Progressive Web Application comes with an integrated One Page Checkout where only the requisite entries are obtained from the customers. Before placing successful orders, it also helps them to review the complete order information in one go and thus minimize cart abandonment.

Conclusion: You might be okay with the website you are using but making it a Progressive Web Application can do wonders! There are several success stories of big brands who converted their stores into PWA and the changes they have observed were remarkable.

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You can click here and take a demo tour of the OpenCart Progressive Web Application. We at KnowBand create custom mobile apps for almost all the major eCommerce platforms. You can discuss your project ideas with our experts at And, drop a comment and let us know if you find this article helpful.

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